Antworten vom Niantic Team/Answers from the Niantic team

Ich finde es sollten die Niantic Mitarbeiter auch vermehrt auf Fragen nach Hilfe oder Problemen antworten.

Und bitte verbessert die Inapp Hilfe. Nur mit einem Roboter zu schreiben ist sehr frustrierend.

I think the Niantic staff should also increasingly respond to questions about help or problems.

And please improve the inapp help. Writing only with a robot is very frustrating.


  • AradivAradiv ✭✭

    PLeas stop answering everything just with default texts.

    Specially in the Appeal Forum it doenst realy help to just get a: "accepted/rejected" with no further explaination why things where rejected.

    (are you just missing information?, is there another reason for the decission that isn't obvious for the normal agent?)

    There are just to many options and people are frustated because the precanned answers doesn't realy help.

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