I really am angry at Niantic. First you totally change the look and way we play Ingress. Then you start to introduce things you can buy to get ahead after everyone else has been slogging to get through the way too many points required to level up especially after Level 9.

I am not impressed that in order to "keep up" with the rest of the Ingress world I am now expected to pay for CORE. This goes against the original game and its goals. What happened to being a fitness family oriented game that was fun and even based. You have sold out to the almighty marketplace with out giving your loyal fan base something for their long suffering playing. What is the point of playing point by point if the rich and able can go out and buy their way through the levels through CORE subscriptions.



  • No one is forcing you to buy the C.O.R.E. subscription, nor can I see how having the subscription helps anyone in leveling.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    Chill dude.. its optional to buy and it helps keep the game alive. servers and development of game like this isnt free.

  • GrubbleGrubble ✭✭

    It doesn’t even work for some of us who had been subscribed. Lol.

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