Core dosent get active

I just bought Core for like 1hour ago, still dosent gets the benefits of it. does it use to be a delay? Can it take hours before core gets active after i bought it?

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  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    You should get it instant. Did payment go through ? Is this the first time you buy core or or not ? Not sure what causes this bug for some.

  • I have had c.o.r.e now 3 months.. first one loaded right away... second i had to wait 1 day for it to load... third hasnt even loaded yet.. date for load is 9th when payment was taken from my account... still no reset.. every time it suppose to renew i have to recycle stuff cause im over inventory cant hack.. tryin to keep my sojanor badge goin and get messed up every month when core doesnt reset... also end up recycling rare items to make space or hard to reach keys just to keep space.. i hope i dont have to do this every month its getting frusterating to recycle 300 items end of every month just to play...

  • Same issue here. My payment didn't go through, so I redid it. This was 2 days ago. It says I'm subscribed to core, but my inventory limit is stuck at 2000.

  • And niantics support is ****! worst support i have ever seen. Really shitty employees.

  • So i have done the uninstall game.. log

    out clear cashe turn phone off and on.. several times i might add and still nothing.. day 2 with out it... apple iphone.. log in thru google...

  • This is actually a total cluster F.

    I can confirm the issue still exists and possibly some insight into my situation.

    Month 1. I signed up for CORE with a prepaid VISA, payment processed and care package/status came in.

    Month 2. I get an email that my payment was declined. The card was empty, so I picked up a new one.

    Before updating the subscription payment information I logged into the game and got my second months care package and still had subscription status. I updated the payment information to the new card and the subscription continued.

    It declined twice and then the card was updated and the third attempt charged fine.

    Month 3 (Current). I get an email the payment was declined, I picked up another new card. Update the payment information on the google play store with a desktop web browser. Two declines have again processed and the third works fine.

    I have a current subscription valid until May 10th. I log into the game, no care package is delivered and CORE status is missing. Too many items.

    I check the store, and the manage button is "Subscribe", which creates a modal display, Subscribe returns a google play error that the subscription already exists.

    I check the changelog which mentions a new button in settings for subscriptions. There is no such button.

    I click the Developer Contact information on the playstore page, the mailbox returns an automated unmonitored inbox message.

    I click the Report Bug button in the app on an Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet, Google Chrome opens the Niantic Labs OAuth signin for this forum. I click sign-in, Ninanticlabs does the redirect to google and then fails to actually sign me in. Seems to work fine with a desktop, but without that, there's basically no way to seek help for a service you've now actually paid for. Please fix this ASAP. OAuth works fine on the same device on other logins.

    Now, there are multiple issues here, and my only guess from my experience thus far is that, someone caught the "problem/exploit" that I experienced during month 2. Niantic went to fix it, and well, complicated the issue more.

    If during the start of month 2, I would have cancelled instead of updating my card, I would have got 2 care packages for the price of 1, also, depending on how things are coded, signing back up again afterwards may have resulted in a third care package. This is something we would obviously want to avoid, and I did experience at least the first half of.

    Either way, I'm stuck as well.

  • @NianticBrian can u look into why my

    c.o.r.e. Still doesnr work.. its been 3 days now this month... last month was 2 days lost on it because it didnt auto renew even tho payment was taken from my account on renewal date... i uave had to recycle alot of stuff twice now so i can still play... i have showed proof for payment on the 9th and still nothing yet

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    did u all try cancel the subscription and buy it again ? see what happens ?

  • No, there are more problems with doing that from lost counters, to lost CMU to, potential double charges.

  • Logged in earlier and the package came in. FYI

  • Still dont get actief


  • Same problem

  • @KimJoongKung I don't see that a C.O.R.E. subscription was ever purchased or activated for your account, so there aren't C.O.R.E. benefits to enable. Did you recently change your Ingress codename from @MrGuffa1 to @KimJoongKung?

  • @XGmcthunderX it looks like your C.O.R.E. subscription benefits were granted Apr 13 at 11:55pm and your current month ends May 13, 2021 11:31am, but your previous subscription ended Apr 10, 9:16am. We're investigating why these dates/times aren't seamlessly connected for specific accounts. This isn't affecting every subscription, so we're still trying to figure out if there are any commonalities across reports.

  • RostwoldRostwold ✭✭✭✭✭

    Here are the commonalities, @NianticBrian :

    1) We have been blanked on this forum.

    2) We have been blanked in support chats.

    3) We have been blanked on twitter by @ingress, by @helpshift, by @NianticHelp and by @NianticLabs 

    4) We've had no apology.

    5) We've had no explanation.

    6) We've had no compensation.

    7) We've been treated with complete and utter contempt.

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    @NianticBrian My account should have renewed on the 9th. When it was finally reactivated on the 12th (after I lost the opportunity to play during the event over the weekend, because I was 400 items over inventory cap and couldn't hack), I got 2500 CMU instead of the 7000 that I should have gotten if the renewal had taken effect on time. In addition, Support said my renewal date had been changed to May 10, but it still shows up in my subscriptions list as May 9. This should be moved out to at least May 12 to compensate for the three days the subscription was unusable.

    In short, those of us affected by this should get extensions equal to the number of lost days, plus the additional 4500 CMU for anyone whose renewal should have processed within the 60-day window.

    (Also, Support is apparently unaware of the 60-day extension for 7k CMU, because when I asked for the additional CMU in my support ticket, they quoted me the initial release about the "one-time grant" and never acknowledged when I sent them the link to the post where you stated it had been extended to 60 days.)

  • @NianticBrian tengo el mismo problema, aun no recibo los beneficios de la suscripción y han pasado mas de 36 horas desde el pago, nombre de agente GabrielAran, el pago se realizo el 14 de Abril, en la pagina de soporte in-app no me han dado respuesta al problema.

  • GabrielAranGabrielAran ✭✭
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    Realice el pago a la suscripción C.O.R.E. y aun no recibo los beneficios en mi perfil. Han pasado mas de 36 horas desde el pago y en la pagina de ayuda de la aplicación no me han dado respuesta.

    Tengo la aplicación actualizada y no hay ningun boton para actualizar los datos de la suscripción 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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  • @NianticBrian I have the same problem, but a simpler solution. I have tried all the suggestions on getting it to show my inventory space and that doesn’t work I’m still over cap after recycling items and keys I didn’t want to lose. Can’t get that back even though I paid for them. How about, anyone who has subscribed, gets a permanent bump in space, or at least a bump that remains until Niantic can fix its problems. The space suddenly dropping by 500 stops game play and is the most severe issue

  • im having the same issue as above, starting a few hours ago.

    ios still shows I’m subscribed. Ingress doesn’t.

    if it’s just a timing thing perhaps a fix would be to allow a day or two buffer before removing the effects?

    Last month it worked fine.

  • NotETeacherNotETeacher ✭✭
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    @NianticBrian I still have no room or emblem. It seems a bit illegal to take money and not provide the product promised.

    I did just update the app and hoped it would fix it....nope

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