CORE Benefits disappeared before automatic renewal happened



  • Same problem here (this month too)

    money gets reserved at my bank-account. Receipt-email arrives

    aaaand the core-features disappeared around midnight leaving me with an inventory of 2400/2000 items =I can’t hack..

    now I got a email stating that I have canceled my subscription, which I haven’t

  • Same for me. Please fix.

  • sibey1506sibey1506 ✭✭
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    i received this mail too, i never canceled my subscription! and i can not reactivate, because it is running and i‘ve paid already till may 9.......


  • Have you already tried to open a ticket through Support?

  • @ifonz yes i opend a ticket yesterday evening, they sent a short answer/question this morning and since then i haven‘t heard anything.

    even if i‘ll get back my (paid till may 9, 2021!!) subscribtion someday (maybe????), i‘ll unsubscribe from this abonnement, like @LaFolle16 and others are saying, it is unbearable to pay for something you CAN NOT use! @NianticBrian

  • Hi! My 3rd month subscription was charged on 4/9 but I didn’t get any of my load out gear. Still have all other benefits but never got the gear this time. I have uninstalled/re installed the app, turned phone off/on. Using iOS 14.2.2 on an iPhone XS. Please and thanks in advance!

  • Ok I gave up and cancelled the subscription that the app stated I had active ( the one niantic sent email about being cancelled)

    directly after that I could re-subscribe and booom the core features was activated

    will check my bank account in an hour or so to see if there was any money drawn (if so I really don’t want to mess with getting a refund for the first one since I don’t trust niantic to not mess up and cancel my subscription that I now might have payed for twice)

  • @rhdfone can you describe how you resolved this? My understanding of how Apple's subscription service works is that canceling means you are canceling or stopping the next month's automatic renewal, which is separate and different from issuing a credit card chargeback or requesting a refund through Apple. Canceling then re-subscribing through Apple would mean that you re-enabled the automatic renewal for the next month, which should not have charged you twice.

    If canceling then re-subscribing your next month's automatic renewal fixed the issue you were seeing, and you were not charged twice, then Ingress v2.69 has a Refresh button in the Settings menu that may help refresh or re-sync your account with Apple, so you don't need to cancel and re-subscribe (it should effectively do the same thing as what you were able to do by canceling then re-subscribing).

    If you were charged twice, once as a pending payment authorization and once as a successful payment, then what may have happened is that your original charge did not successfully go through or got stuck in a pending state, which then stopped the C.O.R.E. benefits when your previous subscription period ended, then restarted the C.O.R.E. benefits when Apple confirmed payment cleared. If you see two charges, once as a pending charge and one as a successful charge, then the pending charge should be removed (not charged) within a few business days after Apple clears it.

  • @NianticBrian Thank you for taking the time to respond. Can you please do the same action as last month so that I can benefit from my CORE subscription?

  • 24 hours have passed and the subscription benefits have not been applied. the money was deducted from my account. what should I do? the date was always the 9th of the month.

  • I have the same issue I did not have money in my gpay account so when I got the notification it would be cancelled I moved the money and clicked to buy again money wass pulled from my account but I lost the benefits

    Phone is oneplus 5 running android 10 application version 2.68.2

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    I'm also well past 24 hours with no resolution. I've recycled about 250 useful items to keep my sojourner streak, but it's a painful process to drop cubes and swap 100 keys at a time in and out of lockers.

    I've been trying to get support to do something for nearly 2 hours now. The messages I've had back are beyond unhelpful. My first attempt was closed because I was 'not logged in with the email account I used for ingress' - which is nonsense because a) I don't HAVE an email associated with Ingress, I use facebook authentication, and b) there is no log in option on the support site anyway!

    My second attempt has been knocked back because "we are unable to decipher your exact concern." even though I gave then a link to this thread!

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  • from the store in app I clicked the “view” button below the core-info

    then “manage”

    there it stated that I had a running subscription with next renewal 2001-05-09.

    there I selected “cancel subscription “ and then went back to the store and started a new subscription

    The payment for the subscription (that was “active “ but still not active in game) was charged and went through 2 hours before this so there was no problem there (it was reserved on my bank yesterday)

    it seems that there has been no extra charge this time (yet) so it seems that what I did was exactly what the button in the version I don’t have does

    this “fix” should have been suggested by niantic long time ago so I didn’t have to ruin my sojourner streak....

  • Thank you rhdfone

    The cancel/resubscribe trick worked for me.

    iPad Air 4, iOS 14.4.2, Ingress 2.68.2

  • Has anything been determined about why this happened to iOS users in March? Because it's super frustrating to have it happening again now a month later. Subscriptions shouldn't be hard. Apple says my subscription is active. Somewhere between Niantic and Apple/Goldman Sachs (Apple Card), my payment shows up as "Pending" and my benefits have been revoked. If the payment system isn't sorted, user benefits shouldn't be being revoked for what's showing up on our end as an active subscription. Personally, I don't want to pay Apple twice for this, so I hesitate to cancel and restart the subscription (which says it's due to renew on May 9, when i fear we'll be having another round of this same discussion).

    Having this happen during an event weekend, essentially locking an entire set of users out of participating because we're all over inventory count due to the sudden reversion from 2500 item capacity to 2000, just adds another layer of. frustration to something that should be a simple process. I love this game. I'd like to support it by continuing to subscribe. But it's not currently worth the frustration if this is going to continue to be a problem every month.

    (Secondary question... since my renewal was supposed to be on April 9, and according to my Subscriptions list, it did renew on the 9th, will I get 7000 CMU this month since the renewal triggered during the 60-day window, or will I lose out because the subscription payment system can't get its **** together?)

  • Também estou com o mesmo problema no XIomi mi 9

  • I just unsubscribed and re-subscribed, I had no cost for this action, but it still did not give me any subscription benefits. to you yes?

  • @NianticBrian

    I made the claim on Support, tried unsubscribing and then resubscribing. the money was withdrawn from my bank account more than 24 hours ago and I am still without the benefits of C.O.R.E.

  • YemusYemus ✭✭

    Same Problem here as well using Android 11 on a Galaxy S10.

  • @rhdfone thank you, it works.... but i canceled and went only back to the ingress app and my whole loadup kid was here incl. space.

    anyway @NianticBrian it can not be, that there will be problems like this, i lost 2 days now. i think, i will not resuscribe again becauce of the problems, subscribtion ends on may 9 now after the tip above..

  • I have same issue. Google tells me subscription is active and I have payment receipt but ingress tells me I am not core member. I tried resubscribing and it states I'm already subscribed.

    Moto x4. Android 10

  • Hello,

    This manipulation also worked for me. 

    When I re-subscribed, I got a message saying that I was going to be charged €5.49 but in the end I wasn't.

    Also, surprisingly, the renewal date of my subscription has not changed and remains on the 9th of each month, even though it is the 11th.

  • AquaWardAquaWard ✭✭
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    Hi i have the same problem with my ingress suscription, i paid for that and doesn't work, the inventory and the special items i hope you can fix my problem soon @NianticBrian

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  • Tengo un problema con la renovación de CORE, se me acepto el pago de este y tengo la orden de compra, Fecha del pedido: 6 abr. 2021 3:49:45 p. m. GMT-4 ¿alguna solución ? @NianticBrian o

  • @stoopedtollers This. All of this. I also got an email yesterday saying I had unsubscribed. I didn’t. The charge went through on the 9th as it should’ve and my subscription is showing renewal on May 9th on my apple account.

    And I noticed that to resubscribe the amount of CMU it gives is now 2,500 and not 7,000. I subscribed the moment the subscription came out in order to get the boosted perks and I really don’t want to lose them.

    I had to drop 500 keys in caps in order to play. Luckily my husband plays and had space to pick up my keys and hold them for me so I didn’t lose them. Lost my sojourner streak anyway.

    This has been a frustrating few days. 😕

  • @lovelimes Has yours started working yet? Mine resolved early this morning, but I only got 2500 CMU, since it's now outside the first 60 days. Haven't decided if I want to try to fight that. <sigh>

  • @stoopedtollers Nope. Still stuck at 2,000, no loadout, subscription still showing active with a renewal of May 9th. 😑 I’d 100% ask for what you paid for.

    @NianticBrian any updates for us? It’s been 4 days now.

  • RostwoldRostwold ✭✭✭✭✭

    Same here. No progress, no updates, no compensation. This would be embarrassing for a mom and pop software developer, but for a billion dollar business it's shameful.

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