Optima Challenge : A New Direction for Nemesis Sequence?

Regarding the current timeline related to Optima Challenge, there are several questions found among agents:

1. Since Kinetic Capsule was introduced after Tesselation ended, is The Optima Kinetic Challenge considered happens after 2019-2020 Nemesis Sequence ? Or is it still considered as 2019-2020 storyline?

2. About other postponed event : Lucida Challenge, Lexicon Hexathlon, and Requiem Anomaly, will these be considered after 2019-2020 Nemesis Sequence? Or is it still considered as 2019-2020 storyline?

3. Is it coincidence that Kinetic Capsule is invented by Devra, the counter part of Nemesis Umbra?

I would like to hear other agents opinion about the above questions.


  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    The description of the Optima challenge mentioned about resonance.

    The timeline we're seeing is perhaps a result of the Tessellation being retuned. Think of it like dropping a rock in water and seeing the ripples. Our world is now "grounded" but everything around us is affected by the ripples but we also experience the waves as the water goes back to equilibrium.

    This sequence could be a bit of old and new where we could still separate the events as two independent ones. Akira from 1218 mentioned this to Hank before the Prime sequence.

  • 1 & 2 : aesthetically, it should be after 2019-2020 sequence. Embrace the fact that the pandemic has altered the planned scenario.

    3 : nothing coincidence in ingress

  • The Nemesis Storyline is concluded.

    However, Ingress has a bunch of pre-made images that they want on medals, because otherwise they'd be wasting development time which is precious to the team right now.

    The lore is convoluted enough that you can say it was a temporal rift spewing very specific white time into the future.

  • In a now-deleted part of Niantic's announcement postponing last year's events, it was mentioned that the Optima Challenge was planned for March 2020 with requirements that would revolve around unique missions completed.

    In the absence of the pandemic, we would have had Optima and Lucida global challenges in March and April/May, the Lexicon Hexathlon in late April, the Requiem Anomaly in May, and a conclusion to the NEMESIS storyline (culminating in the Tessellation) in June/July.

    As others mentioned above, the recent Optima event was explained as an alternate timeline colliding with our own in the wake of the Eos Protocol and World Resonance events. It's also a rushed lore explanation for a small dev team trying to react to a wild real-world global crisis as best they can, so I recommend not trying too hard to get the events to fit together neatly.

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