Portal Neutral Time

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What determines the portal neutral time?

Because I am used to playing regularly when I go to work, I found the answer, which is the time when deploy the first resonator (capture). For example, I captured portal A on Monday at 07.00 am, then the portal will self-neutral for the next 1 week at the same time (if the portal is not attacked). Is that true?

I've been paying attention to this at least during the pandemic and jotting down phone reminders as an alarm.

But I've found some portals don't neutral at the same hour, so I waited for about 10 minutes for the portals to decay, even though other portals on the route have neutral the same as last week.

Because I didn't want to be late for the office, I continued my journey by capturing and fielding the portal in front of her as usual. And don't forget to record the change in time on the phone reminder.

And yesterday my friend also found the same thing, some portals do not neutral at the same time as last week.

How did it happen?

What do you think? What determines the timing of the portal neutral?

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