Drone returned spontaneously

My drone returned spontaneously about 8 hours ago. To the best of my knowledge I didn’t recall it. The portals are 10 hours drive away in a national park so there’s no putting it back. We cannot hold home portals locally due to aggressive Resistance players and have too few players to keep rebuilding L7 or 8 portals without exhausting all of our ADA/Jarvis stock. Can my drone please be returned to its portal?

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  • Once Drone Mark I has been deployed to a Target Portal, it will remain at that Target Portal until it is moved by the Agent, manually recalled back to the Agent, or forced recalled to the Agent. 

    A forced recall occurs when the Target Portal changes alignment at any time while Drone Mark I is positioned there (i.e. if the Target Portal is captured, neutralized, or flipped with ADA/JARVIS).


    Can you share the portals intel link?

    Never seen this problem without involving a portal status change.

  • Hi MatiasM20. Thanks for your reply.

    My drone was on one of the L7 portals in this park. I don’t know which one. I’ve been moving it between these two portals for months or to the L6 in that trio when the drone hack cool down rate was increased.

    I was a little reluctant identify the portals on a public forum for fear of drawing attention to them.

    I’m on the phone so hopefully this link will work.


  • How many jumps have you made? I wonder if there's an upper limit of jumps before it simply returns. There's been a few posts here and on reddit of 'spontaneous recalls' for people having moved their drone for a long time.

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    No idea how many jumps, Perringaiden. It didn’t return immediately. It was back when I switched back to the game.

  • I just came back to playing ingress after 4+ years so I’m getting used to the new UI and logic. Can someone help me understand what the ‘forced drones recalled’ are about? I noticed I had a notification in my alerts saying “ your drone was returned by..(playername ). Did another player do that? Why/how. Thanks!!

  • ArkFangArkFang ✭✭✭✭

    If your drone is on a portal and that portal is neutralized (or flipped I believe) then your drone is kicked off thr portal and returned to you. Similarly you can do this to other people's drones but you won't know whose, only their faction.

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