Niantic help?

“Thank you for helping us make Ingress fun and fair for all players.” This is the polite sentence that niantic sent you when you report an incident. Spoofers, multiaccounts players... but... this players continue playing and making ingress imposible for legal players. 

Niantic don’t help us. And we don’t know what can we do. In order we can play and can have fun with ingress, have we to do the same?

I am very upset, reporting, and reporting and reporting... And nothing happens. And ingress map is full of cheat players.

The marked players are spoofers. We reported them, we sent videos where Niantic can see that they are not there, in isolated places... Imposible times... We are wasting our time trying to help Niantic. But niantic didn’t help us.

There are spoofers in my faction of course... I reported them too. Don’t think is for the faction. But in this case the mayor problem is in this faction. In other places the problem will be in the other side, with the other faction. I am not stupid. I don’t play with multiaccount players in my town, of course I’m either with spoofers, and the mayority of my faction players, in Galicia, reject this players. We love this game... and play with his rules. And we need that those rules are for all players. Or change it.

We need help! @NianticAndres@NianticAkshay@NianticBrian @NianticCasey@NianticBC @NianticAndrew ... or someone who can help us.



  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    So weird.. Spoofers should be easy for niantic with ingame data to track their movements not legit...

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    Sometimes it is not as easy as it seems.

    I hope you will get a response back from Niantic. And that things can be sorted.

  • we need niantic’s help. Because like I said, It is imposible to play with all this spoofing accounts. Both factions... yesterday while I write this post, A spoofer of resistance appeared too. In an inaccessible portal. I think it is not banned yet.

    look the north of Galicia, Spain. The mayority of portals with “big” fields are flying portals. And the movements of this accounts are going down.

  • My dear friend. I really wish I could help you. There are also some spoofers in our community that everyone knows it's spoofing but can spoof like until the end of this game without receiving any punishment.

    However, instead getting help here on the forum it's more likely that you would receive trolling comments and disagree like this instead:

  • So weird that you didn't place Disagree on this post like you did before, as OP also pings every Niantic employee.

    @Tinkapr My suggestion for you, with 3 questions:

    1. My friend told me that, according some high-level users on this forums, Niantic Support actually WILL NOT REVIEW the videos you sent. Could you prove that this spoofer made some super obvious spoofing actions out of its actions logs only?
    2. If so, how many players have joined in you to file reports collectively? Do you have for example 10 players reporting that spoofer?
    3. If so, could you make a short description here directly in this post covering the specific spoofer you reported? Make sure you clearly explained why and why out of action logs only. Perhaps some Vanguards would jump in and ask you to file a report again and they would secretly tell Niantic Support to review your report on high priority this time, this is where the magic happens.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    Just keep reporting them with time stamps, ingame comm actions etc with suspect activity to their support.

    1. Unfortunately they do not make excessively obvious spoofers movements in the scanner. They did so time ago, we reported them and did nothing. But right now, unless you know the area and the agent in question is nothing strange. For example, they go to a place where you only can go with low tide. But if you see Google maps, there is a beach... that desapear with high tide. But niantic could not see it. Destroying a portal in the middle of a close cementery and capturing it.... around 300 meters of distance. But it is not enough.
    2. Yes, we are more than ten players reporting these accounts, including main accounts because they fly with them main accounts. But we are talking about more than 20 accounts flying. Including one enlightened, that we know, is reporting them.
    3. There is a vanguard helping us... but we have the problem of the evidences and she can’t do more than she did. In the picture that I sent in the post, are the names of some of this flying accounts.

    Thanks for all your answers...☺️.

    And I do not have problems with trolls. We had many fly accounts in our community. But nothing like this. Those accounts were banned in the past. Now the accounts are not banned.

    But this is a desperated way to try niantic care (I reconize). These is the only way to talk really with them. Or you know another way? Or to get other players help, if someone know what to do.

    this is an ingress community. Like me, other players, all over the world can have the same problem. If nobody tries, nothing changes.

  • LuoboTiXLuoboTiX ✭✭✭✭

    which means you are implying that Niantic can but just don't track spoofers.🤣

  • LuoboTiXLuoboTiX ✭✭✭✭
    edited March 2021

    Let me tell you the truth which many users here would not like you to know, though I don't mean a terrible blow to you: If the spoofer does not act like an obvious spoofer then it's not possible to take him/her down by yourself or yourselves (oh, some forum users would argue that we could not take spoofer down, it's just Niantic taking spoofer down, but whatever) via the standard reporting procedure including the alleged Fast Track. It's because currently Niantic determines spoofing from action logs only, as said in previous comments, regardless of all documents you provided even if the documents are convictive from our perspective. To make the matter worse, pro spoofers know that as well.

    However as we all know professional spoofers won't act like an idiot. Plus they are using magisk modules that make the Ingress anti-cheating system think they are genuine, normal players, while they are actually executing some pre-adjusted virtual GPX route files. If that account is suddenly banned then it's very likely banned for some other reasons such as automatic BOT/multi-accounting detection, or it's because Niantic has taken some 3rd party professional spoofing service providers down and collected some technical details/signature, which happens on a yearly basis and would not happen soon after your reports and not directly with the help of your reports.

    If there is already a Vanguard stepping into your case but still no results then the only suggestion coming up to my mind is trying to file new reports about that player's multi-accounting violation and make the specific Vanguard to escalate the case and ensure someone from NIA OPS would take a look into all those accounts manually for you otherwise it's more unlikely that the multi-accounting reporting will be reviewed than spoofing reporting, while the spoofing reporting is already ineffective in your case.

    I'm not trying to stop you from reporting as previously. And I'm not vaguely telling you to keep reporting, either. I'm still working on a comprehensive analysis on how we reporters could do in current bad situation so that we could do something more constructive and escape from those "it's because you didn't report properly", "keep reporting and it definitely would do", "are you sure you are not simply overreacting and probably that player is good guy", "don't ping Niantic employee for such a minor issue, leave the forum and get back to the customer support website" boring propaganda distributed by many blind-eye-turners, Niantic defenders or outsiders who do not have experience of successful spoofing reporting (since 2021) here. Will ping you when I finished writing.

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  • No way, of couse they track them. In pokemon Go anyways.

  • In my opinion there is no criteria to ban an account. On april, 5th the main spoofer account went to Sisargas, an island where you couldn't go at that moment because you need certain weather conditions that have not occurred for months. And that day, for the waves and the wind, you could not docking at the small dock of the island.

    This account is not banned yet. Do you think is fair @NianticAkshay , @NianticAndres , @NianticAndrew , @NianticBlue , @NianticBrian or @niantic**? This player flyed to this island. And always the accounts that went there was banned. Why is not this account?

    Four of this twenty, or more, spoofer accounts were banned this wekend. But this one not? Why? I can't understand. Someone told that this is because this account has many medals, and he paid for it.... Then, if you want to fly you only have to pay? Please... I am so upset, sorry. But I need opinions about this. Why this account is not banned?

  • SSSputnikSSSputnik ✭✭✭✭✭

    Sure spoof? Not helicopter or crazy swim?

  • LuoboTiXLuoboTiX ✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2021

    This post might get you interested and well prepared for incoming excuses or your comments‘ removed or your post's closed if their running out of excuses. Try not to be too angry or upset.

  • Thanks for reaching out, @Tinkapr! Each submitted report is carefully validated and appropriate actions are taken accordingly by our team. However while doing a thorough investigation of the incoming reports, our dedicated team may take some added time to go through them and get to yours. If in case in the future, you come across any Agent(s) who are found responsible for practicing inappropriate methods, please report them via our Help Center. One of our representatives will take it from there, thank you!

  • @NianticKK thanks a lot for your answer. We reported many times via help center. And nothing happens. We have patience and we can understand that is not easy to take actions. But the community needs niantic help with all that palyers that brake the rules, and make that others players can not enjoy the game.

    thanks again.

  • @NianticKK I reported as you told me. Every report is closed without any action in the accounts. And we know the spoofers account were not there because a player of our faction was there... and he was alone...

    Today, three of these spoofers are throwing fields, 5 agents have to move, and more than 300 km did, and many hours to did that. And nothing happens with these accounts? I can’t understand. Next month I will cancel my subscription.

  • LuoboTiXLuoboTiX ✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2021

    Thanks for the update and sad to hear that you didn't get the spoofers banned as well. Though I bet Somebody like this will jump in to tell you to wait (until the end of this game)

    or ask whether you are overreacting

    or assert that Niantic cannot confirm there really is nobody on the scene from your saying and documents

  • 2. My understanding is that if more than one person reports the same incident, it doesn't get escalated or anything. It takes spoofer between seven and seven hundred plus blatant spoofs before they're booted.

  • SSSputnikSSSputnik ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2021

    Not always the case.

    Keep reports short as possible. Portal, agent, time with timezone

    Vanguard escalation may help, a lot.

    Handled correctly, spoofers can be banned in under an hour.

    What worries me is there is some tech that Niantic can't detect

    Videos are useless as are photos. Niantic staff cannot prove where it was taken, when it was taken, or, if the evidence has been edited.

    Until better detection happens, just report, report, report and yes, I know it can be VERY disheartening from personal experience.

  • EvilSuperHerosEvilSuperHeros ✭✭✭✭✭

    Until Niantic can figure out that agents can't travel thousands and thousands of miles in a certain time frame, its all relying on the agents to keep reporting and reporting and reporting which continues to waste everyone's time. From ours, to the support people who have to look at it, to Vanguards who have the reports escalated to them, so they can then escalated it back to NIA Ops or whomever it goes to.

    Would think by now, Niantic would have a way to notice when an agent shows up in say Brazil, then 2 hours (or less) they are in Europe, that its simply not legit.

    I still do not understand why Niantic cannot do something this simple. I'm sure many agents can help them if they need help with this.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2021

    The internal systems in prime should ban automatic whenever someone travels hundreds km or more in very little time. If google maps say travel by car is 10 hours and agent did that in maybe not even 1 hour and jump to a different country even then its weird internal systems dont flag such accounts automatic and suspends them without anyone having to report them its just silly how spoofers can hop in and our whenever they want and the anti cheat detection systems dont even pick such suspicious jumps up...

  • ioHpeiHioHpeiH ✭✭✭

    Some agents DO rent a plane to reach hard to reach portals. Automatic bans will generate falls positives.

  • TinkaprTinkapr ✭✭
    edited April 2021

    Like I wrote before, Niantic has not criteria on bans. Today they decided to ban a legal player, only because was playing near a strategic portal where only two player could access, both of the same faction... until now.

    then, we have 10 fly agents that both faction agents recognize that are spoofing. And this accounts are not banned. And we reported, and reported, and reported... and nothing happens.

    We have a portal that is not accesible for every player, and when a new player has the possibility of play with this portal... a legal player, Niantic decided to ban his account. We have a portal that was not accesible when a player “was” there and Niantic decided not to ban him and his others fly accounts... let me know. What is the criteria?

    Someone can told me that the account that was not banned is because he has a very high level... (this account is banned now, we don’t know why, but I had to go to recover the portal, a portal that I know that some fly account will go someday) but Niantic banned a founder account, months ago, only to go to a portal where you can go by car.

    what do you think?

  • LuoboTiXLuoboTiX ✭✭✭✭

    Which means they could not tell spoofers from authentic player correctly.

  • Yes. According to our latest observation, it takes at least 5 to 7 players for reports for a specific case to be reviewed carefully otherwise there is no guarantee.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2021

    nope, most such fast travels are spoof jumps and not legit travels... ,most spoofers dont even hide that they spoof they just jump without even hide the obvious.

  • LuoboTiXLuoboTiX ✭✭✭✭

    Very bad excuse. Good and not difficult to right algorithm analyzing the log can identify superman behaviors very easily. Yes agents do rent a plane but a plane CANNOT teleport or move like a UFO that defys fundamentals of Physics.

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