[Intel Bug] First Load of a map does not contain history data

I thought it was just a misinterpretation of what I was seeing for a while, but I decided to do testing 'with precision' and I'm sure this is a real thing.

Bug: When viewing an area for the first time after the area has fallen out of cached data, History values are not transmitted.

Reproduction Steps:

  • Open the map to an area where you have Captured or Visited known portals, but haven't viewed this part of the map for at least a few hours previously.
  • Turn on the Layers to provide Capture, Visit, Scout data.

At this point no history data is shown, or sometimes some of the tiles show history data. It's often clear by the display where tile borders are because of the stark divide in displaying this data.

  • Hard refresh the map
  • Turn on the Layers again.

Now all history data is visible as it should be.


First Load.

After Refresh.

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