Join us at the Virtual NL-1331X Meetup!

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UPDATE 2:55PM PDT: issue with the NL-1331 Meetups Medal being awarded to Agents for normal hacks and Drone hacks has been resolved.

UPDATE 10:18AM PDT: NL-1331X is back on the road! Medal increment issue has been resolved. Please try Glyph hacking to verify your virtual attendance. We will be extending this meetup for additional 2 hours to April 1, 6PM UTC/11AM PDT.

Seven years ago, the XM Research Vehicle November Lima-1331 (NL-1331) embarked on a mission to detect and observe anomalous patterns. (Driver carries no XM.) Since then, thousands of Agents have rendezvoused at NL-1331’s many stops around the globe, leading to NL-1331 Meetups and the NL-1331 Meetups Medal.

By carefully tuning the Scanner app to the correct XM frequency band, we are able to host a global Virtual NL-1331 Meetup on the eve of “3.31,” from Tuesday, March 30th 4PM UTC to Thursday, April 1st 4PM UTC. The following changes will be live for the duration of this Virtual Meetup: 

  • Successfully Glyph hacking (Drone Glyph hacks included) any Portal will mark your attendance at this Virtual Meetup and advance the NL-1331 Meetups Medal by one.
  • The default yellow Prime Avatar will be temporarily replaced with the NL-1331X Avatar. (The NL-1331X Avatar will only replace the default yellow Prime Avatar; if you have already selected a custom Avatar, then your selected Avatar will not change.)
  • Glyph hack sequences influenced by NL-1331 will temporarily return — can you discover all of them? 

Thank you for your overwhelming support and interest in the 2021 NL-1331 Birthday Kit. As a direct result of Agents’ interest in this special Kit, we’re working on restocking a new 2021 NL-1331 Birthday Kit (2.0) and anticipate having them on the Niantic Shop as early as next week. Kindly note that some of the contents will differ from the first edition 2021 NL-1331 Birthday Kit. 

1 *New* NL-1331 2021 fleet card and medal code 

1 2019 Stein Lightman card and medal code

1 2019 Misty Hannah card and medal code

1 2015 ADA card and medal code

1 2019 NL-1331X Cherry Blossom pin

1 2017 EXO 5 lapel pin 

1 Mobile Command Center patch

1 NL-1331 Global patch 

1 NL-1331X sticker sheet

2 retro VR Load Out cards 

Price $25 (shipping in the US only)

Do you have any special memories or photos with the NL-1331X? Share it with us on social media with the #NL1331X hashtag!

Happy honking!

— The Ingress Team

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