Is it a valued portal?

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I just level-uped to 14 and start my wayfarer live. And which i read the guidelines, some of the portals are againsting the RULES, such as the previous link is againsting "Nominations where the photo is of natural features" ?

So, it that means there is no any rules i have to follow to approving the portals? or just the admin is having their own bananas and do nothings?

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    @DondonDonki The rules for what can be a portal have changed many times over the years. There are many things in Niantic's games that qualified under earlier rules but would no longer be eligible. For the most part Niantic does not apply current qualifications to things that were approved under earlier rules, though there are some exceptions. For example, they will remove things that are on the grounds of what is commonly referred to as K-12 schools. In the US that would be schools up through the completion of high school/12th grade. They will also remove things that could block emergency services or are on private residential property, I believe.

    For more discussion of wayspots and their qualifications you should probably head over to the Wayfarer forum:

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    @Perringaiden Whoops, thanks! It was late and I was half asleep and I copied-and-pasted from the wrong tab.

    It would be nice if the favicons for the forum and for Wayfarer itself were slightly different.

  • To still answer the question:

    It is not meeting criteria as a POI (1* - natural) but removing would only work when the island has no safe pedestrian access. So the island needs a boat launch or something similar.

    However, Niantic isn't really removing such POIs. At least there were multiple discussions about such POIs in the wayfarer forum.

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