Distance Niantic kilometers equal real world miles

Niantic kilometers equal real world miles. This morning when I walked 1.09 miles my Kinetic capsules gave me credit for a combined total of 1.1 kilometers. This is consistent with my previous experience walking my Niantic capsules, eggs, and formerly in HPWU. Note that km are are not and should not be equal to miles. I was hoping it would have been fixed especially since, like now with kinetic capsules, it is tied to a limited time event and an Ingress medal.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ ; Android 10; Ingress version Prime 2.67.1-2d5c7166; fully updated with all available updates; Mid-Atlantic USA

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It's not that walking 1.6 kilometers=1 kilometer specifically. The issue has more to do with the general accuracy and precision of the way Ingress (and Niantic Games without Adventure Sync) calculate distance. Right now, as mentioned in the original bug report, Ingress is consistent with distance counted in other Niantic Games (without Adventure Sync), and this is currently working as designed.


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