New type of Bot attack? - Portal Edit to move location

I'm very livid right now. Earlier this afternoon (approximately 1:15pm Eastern) I was throwing links into a secure portal that had tons of links already established. I threw 10 links to that portal over the next 30 minutes. Another agent threw three links during the same period. Between 1:45pm and 2pm the location of that portal was moved slightly and therefore ALL links were dropped. I have no idea how someone could suggest an edit and have it approved in less than an hour considering that the location was secure. The only thing I can think of was that it was a coordinated effort by a bunch of bots on the wayfarer in order to edit the portal's location and to drop links that won't be dropped without a bunch of effort.


Date: Feb 6th, 2021

Time: between 1:46pm Eastern and 2pm Eastern

Portal:,-81.215988 - Wall of Water

Previous coordinates: 28.540636, -81.215994


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