Unable to link Facebook login

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Unable to link Facebook login. It says already in use, but I've only ever had this account.

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  • Thanks for reaching out @HakeberDragon! Please get in touch with our in-app support through this link (https://bit.ly/3s1aW2a) and one of our representatives will look into it and help you accordingly. Thank you! 

  • Yeah, I already did that. Now I've done that twice. Remy just seems me here.

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    @NianticKK Trust me when I say I've broken something, and it's directly related to the creation of my Pokemon GO account. Specifically that very first week of Pokemon GO when a lot of us were having issues logging in. I'm HakeberDragon in both games, but my Pokemon GO account is linked to my Facebook account, and not to Google account.

    I use the same email for both accounts.

  • If Remy is directing you to the forums then it might be the options selected aren't directing things to creating a ticket

    Are you selecting 'Linking email address' then 'I still need help etc?

  • @ATR0P0S tried again. Still end up here. When i try to link my Facebook account, it says i can't because it's already in use. I'm Pokemon Go, when i try to link my Google account, it says i can't because it's already in use. So no, Remy isn't going to be able to help because I've broken it. And i only use one email address for all these accounts.

  • @ATR0P0S that first few days when Pokemon GO launched there were a bunch of login issues. I started with an account linked to that other pokemon site, and then I added the link to facebook. My suspicion is that in all the confusion I now have at least one ghost account. But I've only ever used one email address. So all the HakeberDragon accounts, and the ghost(s?) Are tied to the same email. So yeah, I think I broke broke it. Zero chance Remy can help with that.

  • I think you are correct that there is something jumbled in the Niantic Profile tied to the account(s) e.g. if its a Google account, perhaps one is tied to gmail and one to googlemail (i know these things should be the same but worth exploring all possibilities).

    Could you share the options you are selecting with Remy as the ideal situation is you need to raise a ticket and trying to understand how best to enable that would be best.

  • I select I still need help, and get this. None of those apply, other than bug report.

  • So I'm in a loop, and just end up back here, over and over.

  • @NianticKK could you please confirm that the Remy workflow is functioning correctly for this example please?

  • @NianticKK I've tried these instructions repeatedly and still end up back here. All i want to do is link my Facebook account and it says it's already linked to another account. I still say it's because my Pokemon Go account got screwed up and i have a second ghost account.

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    @NianticKK @ATR0P0S I picked events just so I could get to the next step with the bot. Unable to link accounts is not one of the options.

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  • That's unusual, @HakeberDragon! I can confirm that the in-app support feature is working as intended, it is possible there was some confusion with the categories you've selected. Also, if the email address you are trying to link is already associated with any of the Niantic games, it won't allow you to do so. Please get in touch with the Pokémon GO in-app team and raise your query. One of our representatives will investigate your report and help you accordingly. Thank you!

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