Add a photo to portal ingress crashes after photo taken

When I click on add a photo to a portal and then take a picture of that portal I hit the okay button on my camera and then it doesn't load Ingress it crashes Ingress and I can't submit the photo to the portal.

so it lets me take the photo but after it takes the photo Ingress has to restart it doesn't let me actually submit the photo.

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  • I have encountered an issue like this, but later discovered that it was a phone error instead of an issue with Ingress.

    Would you mind sharing how long you have been having this issue? What happens if you try to upload a photo instead of using your camera? Are you able to take pictures using another (non-camera) app?

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    I used to have this issue with my old phone and it was to do with the memory usage of the Camera subsystem being too high to run the Camera and Ingress (or most other large apps) at the same time.

    My solution was to take a photo independently then upload it immediately after. With a newer phone and larger memory, the two could run at the same time.

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