[Important update]: Optima Kinetic Challenge Event

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We have discovered two visual issues with the temporary Kinetic Capsule Programs available during this event. While this issue will display the incorrect information, the output of the Programs are not affected.

Issue #1: The JARVIS Program is currently displayed as ADA Refactor. Materials required are not affected, and the output will generate 1 JARVIS Virus; however, the Program title and the item is displayed incorrectly.

Issue #2: When claiming the 8 L8 Resonators Program and the 2 Hypercube Program, the Kinetic Capsule animation will display only “x1” item has been crafted. In reality, x8 L8 Resonators and x2 Hypercubes have been crafted and added to your Inventory.

Note #1: Agent stat will appear under Events after completing your first Kinetic Capsule Program.

Note #2: Kinetic Capsule Program activated before the event and completed during the event will be counted in the event stat.

Update [3/19 7:20PM UTC]:

  1. Fixed issue with Agent stat for Kinetic Capsule not syncing before 17:50 UTC
  2. Event extended until Monday, March 29th 18:00 UTC (+2 hour extension)

Regarding the Optima medal, Silver and Gold tiers will be added to the second Optima Kinetic Challenge event. If you have achieved the Bronze medal during this event, it will not be reset when the Silver and Gold tiers are added.

We understand that some Agents’ movements are currently restricted; please follow guidelines from local health authorities. In order to provide Agents with an additional opportunity to earn the Optima Medal in the future, we will be holding an Optima Kinetic Challenge bonus event with the same Optima Medal at a later date TBD. 

By securing the Resonate the World weekend event, the Resistance have successfully unlocked the temporary JARVIS Program for all Agents, starting Friday, March 19th 16:00 UTC* to Monday, March 29th 16:00 UTC:

JARVIS Program

  • 1 ADA Refactor + 10 L6+ XMP + 6,000 XM + 4km 

In addition to the temporary JARVIS Program above, the following Kinetic Capsule Programs will also be brought online and updated for the duration of this event:

2 Hypercubes Program

  • 10 L4+ Power Cubes + 6000 XM + 4km

8 L8 Resonators Program

  • 40 L4+ Resonators + 6000 XM + 4km

Very Rare Portal Shield; Heat Sink; Multi-Hack; SoftBank Ultra Link Programs

  • Kinetic energy distance reduced from 8km to 2km

Signals intelligence has led us to a possible source of these temporary Programs, but first, a brief primer: A Portal can act like a doorway, and the recent increase in Resonator deploys was a gentle knock on that door. For example, when 2 identical tuning forks are placed next to 1 another, striking 1 tuning fork will cause the other to resonate at the same frequency. Much in the same way, we believe this Harmonic Resonance may be happening across the Portal Network(s), showing us an alternate version of past events, memories, and even technologies.

It appears as though something or someone has knocked back, and temporary Programs were not the only data to pass through. In this alternate reality, NEMESIS associate Optima has yet to be defeated. Generate enough kinetic energy through movement and repel Optima’s advances. Complete any 4 Kinetic Capsule Programs during the Global Challenge and unlock your Optima Kinetic Challenge Medal.

There will be a new event metric added to your Agent Profile for the duration of the Global Challenge to help you monitor the number of Programs you have completed. The Optima Kinetic Challenge Medal is a single Bronze tier.

Remember: The reduced 2km Kinetic Capsule distance only applies to newly run Programs, and does not apply to Programs already running prior to the start of the Global Challenge. For example, if your Kinetic Capsule Program is at 3.5km/8.0km when the event starts, it will not be reduced to 3.5km/2.0km. The reduced distance will not be retroactive; you must complete your existing 8.0km Program, and the reduced distance will be enabled upon running your next Program. 

Take advantage of the reduced Kinetic Capsule Program distance for newly run Programs by redeeming 1 Free Kinetic Program Bundle, available for the duration of this Global Challenge: 

Free Kinetic Program Bundle (0 CMU)

  • 3 Rare Shield; 3 Rare Heat Sink; 3 Rare Multi-Hack; 3 Rare Link Amp

Discounted Kinetic Program Bundle (1,000 CMU)

  • 3 Rare Shield; 3 Rare Heat Sink; 3 Rare Multi-Hack; 3 Rare Link Amp

As always, please be aware of your surroundings and follow guidelines from local health authorities when playing Ingress. Upcoming events are subject to change. For the latest on in-game events and feature updates, be sure to check COMM > NEWS.

— The Ingress Team

*Correction: To accommodate for Daylight Saving Time, the previously communicated Friday, March 19th 17:00 UTC Start Time has been updated to Friday, March 19th 16:00 UTC. 

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