Ban Appeal

No se porqué no he recibido un respuesta de esta apelación:


Les pido de favor reenviar el correo por favor.


  • Tyrant103vEATyrant103vEA ✭✭
    edited March 2021

    Please respond @NianticOfficial Since January

  • I did not recieve a email to my account banned, i just realize a was banned necause i opened the game

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    u need contact support and create ticket.

  • @mortuus I did it.. In january, No response since that date.

    What should I do?

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited March 2021

    write again, u cant do appeals on this forum, its only support that can answer this sadly.

  • Well, I am on my third report (monthly) for a response of my appeal.

    So.. you suggest to keep going like that, weekly, diary? (lol) keep reporting and reporting and wait till Niantic has de consideration to respond?

    @mortuus I did that, because I am tired to wait Niantic and want to speak with a real person of niantic to resolve that issue (or at least a contact). because I considered I was wrong banned. (In my country, the RES can ban quickly of Harrasment because they have an agent working in the police so they can report with an oficial paper or a real document). My need to get a response quickly is to confirm if I was banned because I "Had a bad behaviour" and delete that account (gmail).

  • Tanks a lot @NianticPooja I recieve my feedback.

    You will get news from me soon, because we have an issue in my place, the RES agents have a cop that play ingress too (and its RES), as Niantic said in the e-mail when you report for Harrasment: "Contact your local police". This year we recieve a wave ban from all legal agents in my City that were in a coordination group that make OPs, Wayfarer, farms, recruiting (6 including my banned account @TyrantEdu1) about Harrasment, When I got the e-mail of my feedback I realize that and I suspect that RES police agent is involved.

    I tell you that because, I will make a lot of notifications about that, when I get all the evidence of it. it´s not fair thaat they have an advantage with a local police that easily can make formal complaint to ban someone or falsifying information that we make some Harrasment to people.

    We are legal agents, I was Point of Contact from my country to LATAM, I was POC in Mission Days (When the MD were aprroved by Niantic). (Verify Rocks, Verify V-Project tha account @TyrantEdu1 ).

    We never support RES local agents about wintrade and ENL agents that want to make wintrade with them (In farms or gettin level to make portals and review in OPR for making Pokestops for Pokemon Go.. yes, I have to notify abuse in the OPR, but I will make in the right forum). so that´s why I am doing this because I thikn that´s unfair.

    @mortuus Thanks for listening too I like your opinion but talk more xD.

    You two, have a Nice day.

    Thanks a lot,


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