Niantic Support, PLEASE STOP conniving brainsick, F-words speaking players in Ingress COMM



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    I agree with you. If you read my latest reply, you would surprisingly or unsurprisingly see that the very bad guy mentioned in this post, is proactively ab.using not only COMM but also Niantic Support system to bully EVERY single normal good player trying to make him STOP while Niantic Support seems not willing to make him STOP while Niantic Support actually should do.

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    This situation described fits word by word into other places situations. Actually, as I read, factions are not affected as I've witnessed the very same scenario but factions inverted.

    Niantic, please, take actions or at the very least pay attention on actions taken!

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    +1 C.O.R.E. member who fully agree with what OP says. Actually I am among the victims though I've never met that abnormal player. Apart from insulting me by saying that I am a pet dog, player hvn04I3 has also been maliciously spreading misinformation and rumors in COMM all the time that specific players are “multi-accounts” belonging to the same people to irritate them.

    This player, is ruining the entire Ingress game in a large area here. Niantic Support identified this problem already (indicated by the number of strikes) but never really devote itself to solving the problem once for all. For what reasons do you keep avoiding putting a permanent probation? At least you should put an eternal COMM ban because that guy never amends.

    I really doubt why haters like this could be allowed for many years until now in this game when Niantic takes social responsibility as an important aspect. I wouldn’t say that Niantic Support reduced the penalty during the 6 strikes onto hvn04I3 on purpose but if there really exists consideration for revenue then you got two subscribers here already if justice could be done. 

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  • Player hvn04I3 seriously violate the guidelines in terms of 1 - Treat others with respect but is not penalized properly for violations.

    @sakumomo1203 is merely helping Niantic to provide fun and safe experience for all players by ensuring those principles, instead of so-called "trying to get other players banned". How about you reading the guidelines again and making not so biased conclusions.

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    I'm sorry but factions here don't matter. You demand respect, show respect then.

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    @sakumomo1203 hopefully now, after putting your disagree on all my forum posts since March 9, you feel accomplished? Or at least better? :) If not I suggest putting more.

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    Dear GoblinGrante, I double checked what I said and found that I did not mention faction even once. Why would you say in that way?

    If you are referring to “biased conclusions”, I was meant for the fact that it looks like some users in this post showed unnatural and too sensitive attitudes toward OP’s request to ban a player. Perhaps they do not care about whom being requested to ban and they do not care about whether serious problems would be solved: they just feel uncomfortable seeing such posts.

    If this is the case I have to stand out and make it clear even if impolitely but not aggressively: they are in fact conniving abnormal players that violates the rules seriously, too.

    Like what’s said by @0X00FF00, it’s exactly the decision made by many even-tempered agents probably including some users in this post that

    “no block and do nothing”

    or “block but no report”

    or “block and report but if no response just step aside but somehow starts to criticize players who would like to do more in compliance with the rules to make things correct because the process is excessive in their opinions”

    that makes, let’s say the “antagonist” increasingly more rampant. I see no problem in OP’s decision of making the ultimate attempt: block and report and on the basis of no effective response then went here for escalated review opportunities while not defaming anyone out of the truth

    The only problem of OP is, probably, better to use words like abnormal players but not brainsick players which makes people a little bit more comfortable. But I suppose fault-finders would still say they are not comfortable because OP could not assert someone to be “abnormal”. I would suggest @sakumomo1203 to refrain from arguing with fault-finders and concentrate on the topic of this thread only

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  • Thanks for sharing the experience. As far as I know

    “ignore it, block it, and report it. Do NOT respond, neither kindly nor in kind. All that does is escalate the situation”

    generally works but this is a special case that really needs an escalation for Niantic to review thoroughly. I will help write a new article as supplementary document supporting this and maybe @sakumomo1203 could explain why an escalation is needed, for everyone here that holds the classical opinion that “do not give them attention and that’s all”

  • SSSputnikSSSputnik ✭✭✭✭✭

    I agree - never respond. Block the agent / accounts and report.

    I'm unsure due to culture, but this appears "Moderate" in terms of COMM abuse. (We had one guy accuse a couple of molesting their own children and other really really vile stuff- lucky it resulted in insta-ban).

    I would totally support XFAC COMM removal.

    Add in a "Report" button for direct messages.

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    OP said brain sick once and only once. That’s not even an insulting. It’s based on the facts. The facts of COMM messages and the fact I know in private from medical documents that this player really has mental problems which for privacy reasons I would not talk about. Anyway I suggest OP to replace this word with “abnormal”

    However hvn04I3 speaks with F-words everyday in COMM for endless times. And you are saying that OP and hvn04I3 are bad to the same extent. Obviously you are wrong and your replies are misleading.

    Biased conclusions won’t help solve the problem and if someone feels uncomfortable about OP but not about hvn04I3’s behavior that’s strange.

  • Biased conclusions won’t help solve the problem and if someone feels uncomfortable about OP but not about hvn04I3’s behavior that’s strange.

    You're falling into the same trap. I don't feel happy about the reported agent's behavior. That doesn't automatically make me approve of the OP's similar behavior. Attempting to "shock" people by repeating the same behavior doesn't help.

  • 100% the correct response.

    Block, Report, Move on. That's what blocking is for.

    If they create another account to get around the block, it'll be easier to ban them.

  • LuoboTiXLuoboTiX ✭✭✭

    which means to make xfac really provide fun and safe experience for all players it calls for effective management and audit by Niantic Support, which is somehow missing in current case

  • No, I fell in no trap. If there is any trap, probably it's yours.

    By keep criticizing OP's not using proper words as you like, you successfully distracted my attention from why Niantic Support did not enforce the 3-strike policy of that specific rule breaker. Or if 3-strike policy is not applied for COMM violation then why SIX historical bans did not trigger or add up to for example a permanent COMM ban?

    If you did not intend to defend Niantic Support under any circumstance, then probably you may give a valid reason for that. It's funny that you people keep saying "just block him", while ignoring the fact that the key to this problem is why Niantic Support did not ban the one who definitely should be banned according the policy.

    If you did not like OP's word then you may leave it as is, what I can see is you are in fact suppressing a player, or some players, asking the right questions and seeking the missing anwser from Niantic.

  • No offense. I've made a private talk with OP and I can say this is 100% bulls**t, because player @hvn04I3 has created numerous sub-accounts to get around the block and keep insulting other players in COMM which were ALL REPORTED TO Niantic Support but GOT NO BAN FOR ANY OF THEM. To make the matter worse he told his allies that he could always get his main account unbanned with the help of his acquitance who work for Niantic for which we collected some proof and it looks really like that.

    To prove that I'm not unreasonably distributing disinformation to impair the reputation of Niantic and Ingress team, I'll write an independent post with undenianble truth and ticket numbers to cover more details about this case.

    Regarding the fact you did not like to see offensive words I replaced "hi" with ** by myself. Be sure to come back when new posts of mine is ready. I'm really curious about why you people could just stand there with the saying that "if you are not saints then you have no rights to inquire about why Niantic Support did not work in accordance with its business practice".

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    Hello Mr Welcome to the Internet, out of curiosity, could you let me know how we could see who placed Disagree on our own posts? I see a lot of people collectively came to put Disagree on my comment as follows. I really wanna everyone see who did that and guess for what reason by themselves.

    If you are not coining a story, then you definitely have some privileges that I don't. Mind lending a helping hand?

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    I didn't do that. I did click several Disagree on your comments but not all because I browsed many of your replies in order to make sure whether trolling is a general acceptable behavior here or common thing of you. The "Disagree"s were made because, on one side I do not disagree with some conclusions you made and on another I really don't like your trolling and passive tone such as

    And if you check carefully, there are other users who also disagree with you on those comments. If you don't want to reply with something constructive and do not want to provide any advice, you may leave quietly or express your attitudes via those "reactions" which might makes you comfortable. But you chose to troll at me in public. That's bad.

  • SSSputnikSSSputnik ✭✭✭✭✭

    Is the player banned yet?

    From prior experience, such people will keep abusing on COMM using new accounts.

    If they have a high level account, banning that account may make them stop, maybe not.

    It's disappointing that Niantic have not banned the account based on reported actions.

    We have had agents receive warnings for far less.

    We had one player forced name change based on malicious reports. IGN was suretu which is uterus backwards. Not really offensive but other team bad actors would leverage anything they could to get a player reported.

  • LuoboTiXLuoboTiX ✭✭✭
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    Not yet. Or probably won't be banned forever as it has many medals and survived 6 rounds of warnings/temporary probations. Anyway he is still shouting loudly in the COMM with his main account for the time being.

  • SSSputnikSSSputnik ✭✭✭✭✭

    Keep reporting if it's inappropriate. Eventually support will get tired of the reports and do something.

  • Thanks for your support. The player still calls out that I'm sub-account of somebody in public with his undeniable sub-accounts that everyone here in Shanghai knows it on a weekly basis. But I will keep reporting.

    Not really offensive but I also see that some users are proactively defending the F-word speaker for some reasons by defaming my efforts and shaming me. Perhaps this is also part of "leverage anything they could to get a player reported." plan.

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