Niantic Support, PLEASE STOP conniving brainsick, F-words speaking players in Ingress COMM

Dear all,

I'm sadly sharing an article with you, to let you know that As C.O.R.E. subscribers we are extremely disappointed that Niantic Support could not even deal with players who keep speaking F-words properly. My friends say that I should refrain from posting the truth like this on the forum but I really doubt if justice is missing then why do we continue to play this game? If forum cannot help then why the forum?

[NSFW] Please kindly notice that there are explicit words inside.

5 temporary COMM bans and 1 account ban, useless. This guy keeps making us extremely uncomfortable and nobody knows who would be his next target. He has violated every rule of Ingress COMM but the three-strike policy is not enforced at all. Why was that? Why is a permanent ban, if not on the account level but merely COMM ban, that hard to put?

If you don't realize how ridiculous this is, let's say, this guy actually has 15+ sub-accounts and every time his main account hvn04I3 got COMM banned, he simply switch to a sub-account and keep trolling and throwing dirty words. Thus a permanent account ban is the only way to make him realize that he should STOP.

I come back to the game and purchased C.O.R.E. not to see good and genuine players who help to build a better gaming environment being attacked by players with mental problems day after day.

If you Niantic are "taking appropriate action as per your policies", show us. Please kindly notice that WE ARE ALSO PAYING. By avoiding deliver correct solutions, do you want us all normal players to leave the space and stop paying for players like that? That would be complete failure of Niantic Support system.



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    @NianticAndres @NianticAndrew @NianticBC @NianticBrian @NianticCasey @NianticCM @NianticFumi @NianticHilda @NianticKK @NianticOfficial We'd appreciate if you could spare 5 minutes reading this external article. This is a special case where the general business practice of Niantic is not exercised as planned and promoted at all, as theoretically account hvn04I3 should received at least two permanent account probations already if counting the strikes but somehow it didn't. NO BAN NO JUSTICE.

    That player with its main account hvn04I3 has already involved in extraodinary COMM SPAMing, insulting, defaming, life threatening, stalking, social engineering, sneak shots which are confirmed by Niantic Support but cannot discussed by them with reporters due to privacy reasons... Not to mention its other cheating behaviors and sub-accounts. Why does Niantic Support tolerate such player who speak daily with "d*ck", "l*ser", "idi*ts", "p*ssys","your mother", "F*ck off" in COMM so much???

    You promoted the three-strike policy and we believe it. But hvn04I3 has survived at least 6 strikes merely in terms of COMM insulting during the past 12 months and every strike makes him more frequently and heavily using F-words upon insulting. It even shout out loudly that "I'm NOT afraid of COMM reports, you clowns keep reporting". What a rampant player. Does he really have some sort of privileges that you would not impose sanctions on his account for at least 50% violations? Does he really would never receive permanent account probation?

    2021-01-04 10:52:20 AM hvn04I3: 举报我comm?老子comm被封了三次,号都被封过一次了,害怕你们几个跳梁小丑不成?继续举报啊

    Google Translation: Report me comm? I have been blocked three times on comm, and the account has been blocked once. I'm afraid you won't be the clowns? Keep reporting

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    lol, they didn't even care for reported **** threats on comm so i'm not surprised

  • My friend told me that customer support may be not functional as imagined. It still surprised me when players with mental problems speak "d*ck" directly in COMM seems acceptable. Niantic, are you serious???

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    Oh, my post got Disagree immediately. It happened so quickly that I'm sure nobody has finished reading the article. Impressive. Maybe someone's really unhappy seeing my fighting the F-words army.

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  • Which means you didn't go through the article. The Ingress Support clearly says that bad players like that would be banned after 3-strike but actually not. Ingress is not about covering your eyes and trying to pretend there are no bad people insulting and threatening to attack unspecific players EVERY DAY.

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    The Niantic Support system is far from working properly as how it's designed and how players are told. You see it as a minor issue. Very impressive. There must be quite many players in your area speaking with "d*ck", "p*ssys" every day which makes you familiar and accustomed to.

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    Sure, before landing on the forum again I'm already well prepared for contrarians, foul fault-finders, grouches, killjoys and Disagree fans. What could be worse then a F-words thrower & life threatener?

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  • lol, now that I found that there would probably be much more "d*ck" speech supporters or obtusers on this forum than I expect. What a poor gaming environment that they are experiencing making them so habitual and justice-abandoned. Glad that I have not gone this far. If I have to accept it, then I'd quit, and Niantic lose a small amount of regular revenue, fair trade. Whoever have to embrace online "d*ck" or "I will beat you" speech in daily life, why suffer

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    I'm urging Niantic Support as critical part of the operation team of Ingress game to do the job/enforce three-strike policy as they promised. If argumentative forum users like @1valdis  keep coming to say something simply for saying something and throwing nonsense like "Welcome to the Internet" then obviously he/she is on the side of F-words army, not normal players and he/she is trolling.

    I'd recommend that you admonishing him/her first and then I would faithfully accept. Otherwise it sounds like many strange people here are hindering other players seeking all possible ways to get in touch with Niantic employees and get the problem resolved, that is, hindering other players' assertion of their own rights given and ruled by Ingress Guidelines.

    I take it completely unacceptable for him/her as a forum user trying to judge whether a problem is minor or major and justify that @Toxoplasmolly put a conclusion without even a glance at what happened. Nothing is easier than fault-finding. Those two users are trying to make my post look like unprovoked outburst trying to waste precious time of Niantic employees, while the truth is someone fails on the enforcement of the policy when reviewing the COMM reports about blatant insulting and I'm helping make things right.

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    Thanks for your sincere reply. I'm trying to make things right when according to other replies many users have generally acknowledged that things are not right. If the attempts fail then I would let it go but at least we'll know that the attitudes from Niantic towards such blatant insulting more clearly which helps players make decisions on whether to enter this justice-equivocal game more wisely.

  • 'm urging Niantic Support as critical part of the operation team of Ingress game to do the job/enforce three-strike policy as they promised. If argumentative forum users like @1valdis  keep coming to say something simply for saying something and throwing nonsense like "Welcome to the Internet" then obviously he/she is on the side of F-words army, not normal players and he/she is trolling.

    But your combative responses aren't doing anything different. That's my point.

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    But your admonishment towards me but not towards @1valdis first aren't doing anything different than seemingly trolling made by @1valdis, that is, to deconstruct my appeal in a way that would make it look like lack of persuasiveness.

    I'm saying this because you are using a plausible analogy. Essentially speaking I'm not complaining the bad behavior i.e. F-words insulting and life threatening, etc and seeking help of someone to confirm that it's violation and then do the punishment. I'm, on the basis that Niantic already confirmed that it's violation for additional three times, to implement due sanctions as they promised in the procedure and guideline.

    Still, you could say that I'm additionally complaining bad behavior i.e. F-words insulting and life threatening, etc. It's definitely NOT as bad as the behavior during my replies to two users I think unreasonably came to click Disagree and troll instantly after my post and without even taking a look of the article I mentioned, or not intentionally to troll but resulted in the same effect in this post. The account I'm complaining about, is directly insulting other people by throwing F-words on their face. Obviously I DIDN'T DO so, and more obviously if I do so I would be directly banned by forum moderators, and thus I'm afraid not many people would think in the same way as you, which means It's NOT AS BAD AS according to common sense.

    Please kindly refrain from trying to make people pursing the justice in this post refrain from stopping strange users diverting the topic or deconstructing the main concept with not that very polite speech but definitely not bad words or insulting. You may as you like keep the judgement that I'm as bad as, which I wouldn't develop and make further reply, because your potential insists on perception like this would make me think you are as bad as seemingly troll.

    Masses have sharp eyes.

  • Before anyone had replied to your post, I'd already read it and been turned off. I didn't refer to any further posters, because that wasn't relevant to the tone.

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    Which means you simply feel not happy because of seeing so many F-words when reading the article, even with mosaic.

    Bingo. That's why I made this post. Even with filtered F-words, people would feel uncomfortable.

    Imagine how people feel when they receive real, pure F-words from hvn04I3 EVERY DAY AND WEEK and its endless sub-accounts (which I haven't had time to cover)... Due probation on his account would set up a model in the future for every F-words fan to think twice before SPAMMING THE COMM.

    If we don't resolve this problem then it would be a greater problem. Thus, any normal player, even if not strongly standing on the side of me to request for due sanctions that should be done by Niantic but was missing somehow, naturally wouldn't stand on the opposite side. Not to mention strange users coming up to criticize me first.

    Regarding all people criticizing me of trying to urge Niantic to punish F-words indulger that should be punished according to the policy, I have to question the real intention of them. Do they simply want to save that ENL F-words maniac? If so, please try harder

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    Every reader went through the article would find it perfectly good to pick the word "brainsick". It's not that the word is good but it's just proper to describe the case. Regarding the fact that my friends has been harassed to an extreme extent by hvn04I3 and its fans, yes it has a group of fans supporting him speaking more F-words in COMM, I don't care if my title is vandalic. As long as it works and it's in compliance to the forum guideline, works for current case, that's enough. I did a search on issue reporting here and it turned out that obviously, gentlemanlike and political correct narratives easily lost in the sea.

    I would take your concern and try going further and see if we would no longer need use this word in the future. Please be sure to come back and thank me for standing out to create a leading card so that when massive and vicious COMM insulting like this happens and Niantic does not respond as promised, what could be done.

    After all, you are asking for PERFECT VICTIMS, if not saints, victims who and whose friends got massive insulting but still even-tempered and good-humored, no better than the people who came to find the fault rather than help on the problem, and perfect victims requires people like me to do mine sweeping harshly beforehand.

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    It's not that simple. This stalker and hater even proactively distributes personal information of other RES players in COMM messages which he collected and purchase through illegal channel without the permission of corresponding players, if people just ignore him. The article I shared already covered part of such behaviors such as:

    2021-01-04 11:47:27 PM hvn04I3: 听说你姓(REMOVED),还真是萝卜的孝顺儿子呢

    Google Translation: I heard that your surname is (REMOVED), and you are really a filial son of radish

    2020-12-31 3:17:08 PM hvn04I3: 欢迎观赏连体人表演

    Google Translation: Welcome to the Siamese show

    In there are multiple posts of sneaky shots (photos and videos) made by ENL players including hvn04I3 of multiple RES players and along with insulting descriptions.

    Simply blocking his main and sub-accounts would do a disservice. That's why I focus on why didn't and could Niantic enforce the missing punishment for confirmed additional 3 strikes from now on and for good and all. Also, punish someone as a warning to others. We'd like to know on earth would Niantic show strong attitude towards such bad things and then proceed with requesting for help from police because if Niantic is willing to help the police, we could get more data and identity verification that which one was taken by him according to the system logs of Ingress game and thereafter sue him correspondingly.

    It's also because the fact that endless insulting behaviors of hvn04I3 did not get due punishment that more and more ENL players in Shanghai as mimics are joining the trolling and insulting army because they think that their accounts would not be banned and they are not afraid of the guidelines any more. It's things currently happening and I'm not joking. Perhaps @LuoboTiX could provide many more details.

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    Yep, while some agents appear inmune to COMM bans, others can't even post an emoji without a strike in less than 24 hours.

    Just remove COMM chat, other Niantic games lack this chat because of lessons learned, why can't we get those lessons learned aswell?

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    I'm curious about the fact that there are multiple forum users coming in group and trying to block OP from getting in touch with high-level Niantic employees as much as possible by finding various faults of OP, while we all know what's we should really care about, that is, to make things correct and in this case it is to make player hvn04I3 receive the probation he should receive but somehow was relieved or not imposed but should not be relieved or nor imposed. I found that most of the fault-finders are ENL players, while the main character of this complaint is about a ENL players. Is that a coincidence?

    "Ingress is not about Justice" and thus players should play blindly instead of doing the reporting as recommended by Niantic when they find things incorrect, and if players notice something wrong with the reporting system, should not provide feedback via forum or all sorts of channel? That's just bullsh*t.

    I have to wonder if it's some people for some reasons intentionally making specific agents who do not follow rules immune to the punishment, and they are afraid of such irregular game-controlling behavior to be noticed by high-level Niantic employee, and thus coming in group to suppress @sakumomo1203 while pretending to be normal opponents on the tones or behaviors like inviting Niantic employees to the thread (though invited many but so what?)

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    The game 'Sea of Thieves' had their comms to other teams disabled. This has saved 50% of all toxicity reports to Support. An amazing number considering only 3% of their entire playerbase was using the particular game mode where comms was disabled: 3% caused 50% on support tickets.

    Disabling only the xfac comm in Ingress is low hanging fruit for Niantic's support crew. In my experience there is nothing to be gained from communication between opposing teams; it always leads to the same thing, in every game.

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    IFS exists just for that human interaction.

    And Guardian was discontinued for this very same reason, btw.

    Sad? Sure, but what is your alternative? Don't you believe it would encourage the use of this forum?

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    Before talking about more ENL players in Shanghai who are encouraged by hvn04I3's COMM harassment's not being punished. I'd like to raise attractions from you all that the current procedure of Niantic Support is in fact helping those brainsick players.

    Here is the case:

    1. Some ENL players in Shanghai including hvn04I3 took sneak photos and videos of me and other players
    2. Those photos were published on a public Telegram Channel with filthy descriptions and bad comments
    3. hvn04I3 promoted the direct Internet link to that channel in COMM while insulting multiple players (please refer to the second batch in OP's article)
    4. Reports of hvn04I3's violation for this case DID NOT result in any ban, even temporary one, even when it has already received 4 strikes for COMM violations already
    5. I asked him to stop in merely one COMM message (if you go through my COMM history you would see that I almost never interacted with this player at all since suggestions many months ago from Niantic Support to avoid contact), for the benefit of all players affected by his endless insulting, sneak photo capturing, life threatening, and SPAMing behavior. It's not only me that are offended by this player. Actually almost all RES players and some ENL players in Shanghai are deeply annoyed and frightened by this brainsick. They are really afraid to be the next victim/target getting harassment and thus avoid confronting this player. If you Niantic send a questionnaire to players in Shanghai you would know that I'm right.

    Starting from here things are going ridiculous:

    1. hvn04I3 threated in COMM to report me as COMM harassment instead, and did so with his 15+ sub-accounts
    2. I got a warning email [11553467] Message from Niantic from customer support saying that I offended other players. I'm 100% sure this is simply an automatic warning that would not result into probation but it makes me uncomfortable
    3. Upon questioned about why not helping good, normal players make justifiable defense, but helping brainsick ab.use the reporting system, Niantic Support says with automatic template "If you come across players violating our TOS, please refrain from engaging with them on COMM and report it to us via our Help Center. We will review reported or flagged player accounts and content and will determine whether or not they violate these guidelines and take appropriate actions as per our policies."

    But actually no actions taken on hvn04I3 at that time, except probably sending warning emails to him. See what? If Niantic Support is not intentionally helping hvn04I3 bully normal players and be immune to punishment of its endless violations, then the system design of COMM harassment is exploited by hvn04I3 and Niantic Support CANNOT handle hvn04I3 correctly without intervention of high-level Niantic management.

    I have to question again, partially like OP did: Niantic Support, why are you conniving this specific F-words speaker hvn04I3? You are threatening to suspend COMM privileges of good players trying to make things right but you NEVER REALLY BAN the real trouble maker. Anyone who go through my COMM history would see that I send NO OTHER messages except this warning to make him stop, because you didn't make him stop, and thus I see no reasons that I receive the warning.

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