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    That player is a pogo first, ingress second.

    They are literally giving a pogo perspective.

    Many of us have reached out, and guided pogo players on subs, crowd sourcing ideas etc, that works to a degree.

    That potentially will fall flat when all the pogo players can submit themselves, as they won't see a need to reach out to anyone.

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    As a high level Pogo player I agree with this idea, not only does it make sense that everyone should pass a test to learn what and how to submit or/and reach a certain goal before being able to reach submissions, because currently all it does is give “All” Pogo players a bad reputation in OPR and discredits even the good ones. But as I always say, don’t put all the eggs in the same basket, not all PoGo players are the same, I play both games and submit culturally relevant stuff. I am in a Ingress OPR group, and don’t dare to mention the word pogo anymore at my own risk of being bombarded with hate.

  • @YouLostAStar I feel the same way, I do it to help the community out of my own time and trying to make our playground bigger and better everyday.

    It’s hard work to submit relevant stuff, coordinate with fellow Ingress players and wish it wasn’t always a war ingress vs PoGo. I found people that are nice and all, it’s just unfortunate some take it as it was a territorial warfare all the time and disapprove for personal reasons instead of having the general community approach.

    Trying to make progress on that ground thought 😊

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    The comments I am seeing here are how I feel. I play both level 40 and level 13 almost 14. I submit everything in guidelines and do a lot of voting, adding areas on streetview etc. I treat all submissions equal and vote based on the guidelines and I do feel that there is way too much bias against pogo players in general when I noticed a lot of the people bashing pogo players in my community play both but have played ingress long before pogo came out. I am in an ingress OPR group we don't even bring up the games comment on what we feel is a yes or no on a borderline portal or say oh look at what I got approved etc. I also go an extra mile and try not to impede in other submitters areas and let cross town agents know where I am submitting in my local XFAC OPR channel to prevent duplicates. our XFAC OPR seems to be quiet most of the time but will get comments here and there we have about 15 or so agents in it.

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    I'll suggest a wait-and-see approoch until you actually see the presumed increase in nominations submissions in your area.

    I also remember myself, and others, when submitting at L10 with no OPR experience. The majority of my subs were optimistic at best, shitty at worst - only based on what I saw already in-game. Every rejection felt like a personal blow, and I ended up submitting less until I started OPR: It's not that easy to "cheat" with limited knowledge.

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    I think OPR must be more simple before POGO submission around the world come.

    5 buttons: Reject portal (1 star) / "I dont know what to do" (3 stars) / Accept portal (5 stars) // Duplicate portal // Edit location.

    And the most important: only L16 Ingress agents would review submissions, without km limits. Too much work for us? I am L16 and the answer is YES, but to be a L16 agent "you/they" must play much more time than a L12, and (maybe i am wrong) "you/they" could become a Ingress fan that wants protect the game .

    Greetings :)

  • I think OPR must be more simple before POGO submission around the world come:

    • Three main bottons: reject portal / accept portal / "i dont know"
    • One botton for duplicate portal.
    • One botton for edit location.

    And the most important: only L16 Ingress agents would review submissions, without km limits. Too much work for us? I am L16 and the answer is YES, but to be a L16 agent "you/they" must play much more time than a L12, and (maybe i am wrong) "you/they" could become a Ingress fan that wants protect the game.

  • I wished the Pokemon App would show all available pois in near when submitting a new suggestion (portals even not visible in the PoGo Game, this would drastically reduce the amount of double entries

    My opr rate for acceptable and decline portals has dropped from 2:1 to 3:2 not far away from 1:1 since PoGo stops get nominated by the players

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    There aren't enough L16 players in my entire scoring cell to approve POIs. Heck, there aren't enough L12+ players in my scoring cell or in the surround scoring cells to approve POIs. In fact, my cell is rather infamance for it's lack of reviewers (AM02-KILO-07), so much so that we had to campaign hard on Reddit to get reviewers to set their bonus location for out cell to get any POIs through.

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    I am level 13 and trying to say only L16 could have unlimited voting powers is an insult. I have onyx and half way to double onyx with great status I am almost to level 14 have badges just AP locked.

    To be honest all it would take is having honest level 12 to 16 agents voting and we already have agents that are "perfectionists" that can't stand having things that aren't visually appealing such as basketball courts or the photo isn't top notch. I am sorry people need to get off the high horse and quit trying to over grade some of the submissions I should not have to resend a portal due to the angle of the portal pic just because it wasn't in a perfect location even though it isn't tilted etc. Also the fact I have seen agents talk about how they know the criteria when I say that pavilions are synonymous with a gazebo and they were proven wrong when looking up the dictionary term they are similar terms for a shade structure. When voting on a pavilion use structure -> shade.

  • @TheFarix thats the reason to write this: "(...) without km limits." 😉

    Maybe you can think: "How can a agent from Spain validate a portal in France, England, Portugal, Japan, etc?" Well, we all are validating portals in cities that we have never been there, right? ☺️

    @kholman1 at the begining of OPR only L16 did it. When most (or all) of the submission from the past years were reviwed Niantic open OPR for lower levels, and i believe that we, L16, did a great job.

    I am not "perfectionist", and all L16 (or veterans with lower level) i know arent either: a tilted photo can be better to show the building, the church, the sculpture, etc ☺️ I just want portals with a minimum of quality and at the right location (if the photo is the front view of a church/ building/pavilion dont put it at the back 🤦‍♂️).

    Anyone can do the test and become a reviwer, then, just accept fake or friend's portals rejecting the others. And most of the POGO players that come to Ingress reach level 10 or 12 only to be able to create possible pokestops, after that they disappear from Ingress. OPR just for L16 is not fair, i know it, but this either, not for Ingress players 😔

    NIA must find the best solution, for us, for POGO players, for all, and, like i am not NIA, thats my proposal ☺️


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    @InDaHausSBU I am in the U.S. in a large metropolitan area with a lot of valid POIs left to submit so even though we have pogo players in the the submissions and reviewing the amount of portal fraud is still low. I am guessing in countries where submissions have gone live it is causing issues? I think we have different opinions based on where we are voting as central america, a few european and some asian countries have pogo submissions. My area is just backlogged with all of the parks being submitted trying to get ahead of the expected wave of submissions.

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    "I think we have different opinions based on where we are voting (...)". True, Spain (i live in Barcelona) and other european countries arent like U.S. and our experience are different too.

    "(...) the amount of portal fraud is still low (...)" Good! 😊 I hope that doesnt change to worse.

    Barcelona almost doesnt have bad/fake portals (a lot of old portal that some day should be deleted? yes 😂) and i dont want that this change. Here there are more than 6000 portals but some areas dont have many (neither POI) and if the number of bad submission increases too much i dont know what could happen.

  • If I learned anything so far it is that what PoGo players want is not necessarily what Ingress players want. Pokemon Go players want many stops which they benefit from (additional spawns and items etc.) while some Ingress players (whilst they will technically also benefit from more portals) just prefer less portals or it would look "too cluttered" on the map. I get that Ingress players also want the general quality of portals to remain high, but it's hard to maintain a Michelin-star:esque quality, especially outside of big cities in suburbs and rural areas where culture and history is scarcer.

    It's a complex situation as Niantic have unfortunately exacerbated by forcing players from 2 different games (as well as different target audiences, many Ingress players I met are older than their PoGo counterparts) and soon 3 to try and coexist

  • I agree, the main problem here is different games require Points of interest in different ways. PoGo and HPWU both need lots but Ingress works better with less portals but used strategically.

  • @YouLostAStar

    They are (likely) using the same system to save money and effort. The problem is that while points of interests like forest paths, waterfalls, beaches and cliffs would be great for Pokemon Go as those places seem like ideal natural habitats for Pokemon they do not seem to be a good match for the universes of Ingress or HPWU.

  • @YouLostAStar I agree, the main problem here is different games require Points of interest in different ways. PoGo and HPWU both need lots but Ingress works better with less portals but used strategically.

    The Ingress portals should have been pokestops/gyms and vice versa 😉

  • kholman1kholman1 ✭✭✭✭

    The problem I am seeing isn't even lack of valid poi. Agents in my area are denying things based on their personal beliefs or holding submissions to too high a standard people need to read Krug's AMA's and I am starting to think some don't want more portals in general or want to get the badge and quit. I just had a Mc. Donald's playground denied for the second time even though I took out any wording of the corporate logo's etc. I noticed this snobbish attitude on a harry potter chat the other night arguing about how Ingress agents know everything sigh. I don't get why people are so stuck up when voting when Niantic has asked for portal candidates that are not visually appealing such as athletic fields etc. and then people go and grade photos way to serious on baseball fields etc.

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    I completely disagree with that. Ingress also works best when there are lots of portals all within walking distance of each other. I'm exacerbated at how certain Ingress players even think that fewer portals are better. And no, I'm not talking about "trash portals", but portals that meet Niantic's criteria, but are in close proximity to other other portals that meet Niantic's criteria.

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    Ingress is more a game of strategy, Loads of portals seen great for quick levelling up but early on when i started playing there were a number of key portals around my area I would fight over because they were in important strategic positions. Since then ive submitted everything portal worthy around me which is great for POGo/HPWU but now there aren’t really any key strategic portals because there’s just so many

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    Then find a different strategy that works with a higher density of portals. It is completely absurd to claim that too many portals are a bad things. Anything that meets the portal criteria should be accepted baring the 50m exclusion from another portal that Niantic itself enforces.

  • @kholman1 A McDonalds playground is a nightmare 😅 because Niantic doesnt want to do publicity of big companies for free in Ingress, but a playground is a good POI. Accept or reject? 😵😂

    @TheFarix About density, Barcelona for example, the 90% of the live portals (more than 5000) were created by NIA before OPR. Some areas have a crazy density 😵🤣 Do we need more portals there? We can submit much more POI, Barcelona is so old, so historic, so moderm, so artistic, so... so... 🤣 but, is it really necessary create all the POI there are in Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, etc?

    As I said before, its a nightmare 😅

    Greetings 😊

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    @InDaHausSBU So you don't realize what Andrew Krug said? He said the playgrounds are valid don't mention the business name and you can hit the portal from anywhere in the building they aren't very large places.

    I don't get why people act like oh adding more portals is going to **** the game seriously? I see a ton of the new ones never even used except when people want a farm or trying to level. Even if they make BAF's harder to do the game isn't all about BAF's. Change your strategy. I say yes to everything in the guidelines. I don't say no to something due to portal density in area which Niantic has said is not to taken in to account for except when voting on rural memorial benches. Another issue I have is people don't even use the photo of the portal to compare to streetview I have some come across you can tell that it is there but the streetview is out of date most of the time people just 1*.

  • Despite the fact I feel that less portals is better I still accept everything in the guidelines. With the streetview and things getting rejected because they aren’t visible surely that makes sense. It’s very very hard to get anything removed once it goes live and locals agents generally won’t request removal of an invalid portal so if I’m approving something I want to be absolutely sure as I can that it exists at that location.

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    Personally opinion...

    1. In Pokemon Go, players can earn free credits from Gym. This tipped the balance of the nomination system. Many, if not all, will want a Gym nearby.
    2. Players who claimed to play fair in both Pokemon Go and Ingress. We respect that. But what are the chances of getting over 10million players worldwide to follow the fairplay mindset?
    3. Pokemon Go has been around for close to 3 years. Many players would probably have got to level 40 for some time. Some would have started new accounts, different camps, to put themselves in better position for gym battle (see point 1). Everytime I battle in Pokemon raid, everyone present has at least 2 devices with them. And they are proud about it. The uncle in Taiwan publicly managed 18+ devices without remorse.

    I will suggest that PG level 40 players to be allocated n number of nomination chance. Only when the nomination is assessed (approved/rejected), then they will be credited back 1 nomination chance. It doesnt make sense for Ingress players to spend time assessing PG requests.


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    I blame Niantic too! :) In reality, all us OPR folks are working on their NRWP game engine, used for whatever game Niantic aker or sell the license to. They should issue clear commands to us "workers" to shut up those who only want to focus on a singular game! But - that may break our delicate "work for free" relationship, can't see that happening.

    I suggest we all consider ourselves in the same boat, we all want (plentiful) quality portals. And yes, the onboarding of new submitters is bad, and that's one of the reason we get bad/cheeky nominations. In the end, it is the stamina and resolve of the OPR reviewers (the happy unpaid interns) to keep the portal network strong.

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    The density discussion stared 6 years ago and doesnt have finished 😅 but I think that there is a big difference between Ingress and POGO. At the end, with all POI created, the density in POGO will be the same for all the areas of a big city or small town, or rural area, but for Ingress no. How many pokestops can be in a POGO cell? 1 right? How many Ingress portals can be in a POGO cell? 1, 2, 5, 10? Why POGO players want 10 Ingress portal in a cell if just one pokestop can be created? choose one of those that already exist and try to make it a pokestop. When the pokestop or gym is created stop submitting, it is unnecessary for POGO, and this the point: will POGO players stop submitting POI? I believe that no 😔

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    Ingress POIs are not in a grid, they space between are individually measured, while later games have a (S2) grid. I usually explain this with a BIG cell that contain 8x8 SMALL cells. Within the small cells, only one POI can be a pokestop even if there are 4-8 Ingress portals. When 20 or more of the small cells have a stop, the maximum of 3 gyms are met.

    However, a stop has value in itself and particularly after the Friends system, gifts are (still) in high demand. I'll add that so far, it seems to me inns and foretresses from HPWU is ideally plentiful as well. I can clearly see Niantic wanting tp put more value in the portal network.

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