We'll only have medals paid from now on?

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Lately we've been seeing our dear Niantic Labs. They're giving us "Events" in Ingress with something very eye-catching. None of these have allowed us to unlock new medals... But if... Allows us to "Buy" special medals

This makes me wonder something, they just throw these events to make money or they really want us to play... That they're having a hard time giving us some reward for playing. This event that is available will allow us to create more ADAS or JARVIS in the kinetic capsules... It's a good reward for the vast majority. I mean, who doesn't want a Refactor Ada or a Jarvis Virus... But I don't know if it's just me who has that desire to keep playing events where I get medals for certain achievements in events or mini events like:

• Didact Field / Exo5 Controller

• Aurora Glyph / Miryad Hack Challange

• Cassandra Neutralizer / Dark XM

I don't want every event they throw to be 2021 to say "there won't be any medals" and the next post says... We have one, two or three Medals at a price of CMU 2500.... I want to win medals playing not having to be paying, meeting goals, winning challenges. Going out to deploy, hack or destroy. Linking, Create fields or Performing Glyphs


  • I agree my friend, for me, the most important motivation in continues playing the game along 6 years is farm the medals, but now, is only buying them... sad... sad...

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    They tried to release a play-to-earn medal with the Eos Protocol. However there was such a huge, vicious backlash from Agents they cancelled the entire event series and dumbed it down, not just the medal aspect. Niantic likely doesn’t want to release new play-to-earn medals for fear of even more outcry.

    Until COVID is over and the world returns to (more) normal, you likely won’t be seeing any new play-to-earn medals. And we only have ourselves to blame.

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    but funny this deploy event things is encouraging ppl to go out and deploy and not sit home? why not do a drone event instead that gives badge and u can play even if u are stuck home or not... i dont get it.. pokemon go has events nonstop and last i checked u cant hatch eggs sitting home.... doesnt add up.....

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    But now we're still in Covid19 mode all over the world... And the last time you look at said 325,000 deployed Resistance resonators, 300,000 of the Illuminated... What's going on here? Does going out to play for medals increase the risk of contagion? Going out just to deploy makes us immune?. It's hard for us to receive medals for:

    • 200 Resos to unlock bronze

    • 500 Resos to unlock silver

    • 1000 Resos to unlock gold

    U 800. No need to ask for exorbitant numbers to unlock a simple achievement... I just feel more interested in raising money, trying to reduce losses... And all right, I mean they're a company... They also need money at their tables for the families they own, but don't take away the essence of the game just for that. Didn't you ever feel motivated by medals, didn't you get to feel that adrenaline that you're running out of time for the Event, and you're running back and forth to meet and unlock the last medal?

  • That's true... I find Haha very funny... "We are afraid to give medals because they will come out and Covid's Protocols or contagions could go up" HOWEVER. We leave them an event so they can deploy resonators (action you must necessarily go for a walk unless you're a dirty jumper) And we're not so worried about that because nothing will happen... And give it away, send us your money to receive 3 medals... You could easily get in this event that by the above we weren't going to give them to you for free

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    It’s not “encouraging” people to go out and play per se. However, if there was a tiered medal attached to such an event, people would have been either more encouraged to go out and deploy or there would have been a huge backlash from the communities under lockdown as we saw during Eos Protocol.

    As hard as it may be to hear this, it might be wise to assume we won’t see a challenge that gives a participation badge until it is safe for the majority of the population globally. Although, what Niantic may be able to do in times like these are get more decode/portal hunt challenges going that can award a medal as we saw during the Tessellation. Those events, imo, are the safest thing to do, will keep the community happy, result in more virtual community engagement, and “reward” a medal for actually putting work in.

  • Totally agree... If by the traditional method you do not get results, you must rethink and change the course of your ideas... You can't do events where everyone can go out and participate... Well, let's think about events for all of us to stay and do something, I honestly think drones are a good opportunity to do this

    Why? Because it is a relatively simple, new and novel function... If there are a few things to correct... Like everything new, but it might be better than testing it and discovering fallacy or things that are not being noticed due to its constant lack of use... Well, an event, where each player will be using it and because if he has problems he will report it...

  • I remember two or three medals you did get just by logging in on that day and hack something or buy for zero units.

  • The current badge is a good example of managing a dangerous situation against different people's experiences.

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