Ingress 2.67.1 Release Notes

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What’s New

• The Layers button now remembers your selected Layer, even after restarting the Ingress app.

• We now show individual AP updates rather than bundled AP updates to better show earned AP, like +500AP for capturing a Portal and +250AP for fully capping it, on top of the +125AP for each Resonator deployed.

• On iOS, we updated our minimum requirements to iOS 12.2 and above because of requirements from other game components. (This doesn’t affect Android.)

Bug Fixes

• Fixed: Battle Beacons can be deployed even if the Agent has existing Portal Mods on the Target Portal.

• Fixed: On Android, tapping the Back button when the Layers drop-down menu is open will close the Layers menu.

• Fixed: Tapping a Field Trip waypoint from an active mission while in Drone Footage View no longer causes a softlock.

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