Portal previously captured shown as "visited" but "not captured" on scanner and Intel

There's a portal that I captured recently (within the last few months), but on the scanner it did not show the red ring. On Intel map, it also didn't show the ring, though the surrounding portals show correctly.

Today I went back to capture it. The red ring now shows up, My Unique Portals Captured stat did NOT change, even after a scanner restart.

I can provide the portal link in a private message if you like.

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  • I believe there's an issue with portals that you've captured that have been moved after you captured them.

    The UI and Intel map use the GPS coordinates of the portal to determine if it's been captured, whereas the Portals Visited and Portals Captured values, use the GUID (which doesn't change even if the portal moves).

    But that wouldn't explain why it shows as visited, unless you hacked (but didn't capture) it after it was moved.

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    It is possible it was moved, though I would say it is unlikely. This portal doesn't show up in PoGo. Does a moved portal give a new unique cap?

  • It doesn't give a new unique cap because the GUID hasn't changed.

  • Seems strange that the unique cap flag would go away though. Maybe it's as designed. Anyway, couldn't really tell if the position changed recently. If it did, it's a really small change.

    Anyway, looks like no one in Niantic is interested in looking into this specific instance. It's the only one I've come across, so no big deal.

  • Seems strange that the unique cap flag would go away though.


    a. Unique Count: Hash the Player ID and the Portal GUID (which doesn't change on movement) and store it if it doesn't already exist in the table. Count all the entries for a person for the count.

    b. History Flags: Retrieve all the Player/Lat/Lng entries for this player, if a lat/lng matches a displayed portal put a marker around it.

    Thus, the first is not affected by moves, but the second is, if the lat/lng for the portal doesn't match what's in the database for their last visit and/or capture.

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