My missions aren't being reviewed

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Hi, I submitted 30 missions back starting in September (when it sounded like there were some delays with reviews) and still haven't received a response. As time went on and I discussed with other agents it sounded like missions were now getting reviewed within a few days but I have still not received responses for most of them. I was told to withdraw and resubmit by some helpful agents and received a response on 1! of them within a day or two back in December but the others are still just sitting there waiting for a decision. Thanks for any help you can offer.

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  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

    For stuff that's personal to you, I'd suggest opening a support ticket, as they will be able to assist you the best with account specific questions.

  • OK I went through the in-game help center back in March and received this reply, " We have reviewed the Mission and see that it is under review. They will be reviewed and you will be notified of the decision via email. We appreciate your patience and understanding."

    I'm ok with being a little patient but 9 months is insane when I'm hearing of others on mission banner chats getting responses back in as quick as a day or two.

  • Thanks to whoever went through and reviewed them!!

  • phthoruthphthoruth ✭✭✭✭

    Its not a personal issue... many people are having this issue.

    Mine finally got reviewed after 11 months, just this Monday.

    Many missions are seasonal or need to be live before an event, so the review times need to be days or weeks, not months.

    While we wait on review, the submitted missions take mission slots, so in my case, I need to unpublish missions in order to submit new ones. The more I have waiting on review, the less I can have live.

    Most missions get rejected and the reasons are unclear and/or unwritten rules. e.g. we think 'letters' are a basis of rejection

    The long reviews compound the problem when the rejects need to be resubmitted with best guesses.

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