Quantum Capsules not producing

I'm a subscriber, so can have up to 2500 items. However, my Quantum Capsules are not producing anything if I have over 2000 items. After 4-5 days without any of my Quantum Capsules increasing their content, I recycled items below 2000, and now, over night, I got the "normal" amount of items produced from my Quantum Capsules again. Please update the Quantum Capsules to allow 2500 items when a subscriber.


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  • ToxoplasmollyToxoplasmolly ✭✭✭✭✭

    I'm subscribed to C.O.R.E., and I haven't had any issues with Quantum Capsules replicating items when my total inventory count is between 2000 and 2500 items. Maybe you had a streak of bad luck? Or maybe the issue is not as simple as subscriber vs. non-subscriber.

  • That's odd. I was at 21xx something items, and none of my QC's produced anything for 4-5 days. After recycling below 2K, all of them except 1 or 2 produced. I have 9 QC's with 95 x L8 Cubes each. They produced 23 x L8 Cubes over night.

    I've never before had a period of 4-5 days where none of them produced before, hence thinking it could be a +2K issue even though I'm a C.O.R.E. subscriber.

  • Is that RNG function done on each item in a quantum capsule or the duplicatable contents of the quantum capsule as a whole?

  • dw235dw235 ✭✭
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    I'm having the same problem here.

    I'm a core subscriber and I'm always over 2k items.

    My quantums were duplicating items while being over 2k items, but it's been about a week that my quantums have stopped producing. I know it can happen statistically, but the more time will pass, the less probable it will be.

    I just had duplication in my quantums, strange.

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  • Luke38Luke38 ✭✭
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    Same, I'm a core subscriber and since my inventory is up to 2300 (and not 2500), quantum stop duplicate item, I know it's random but this during four 4 days, It's very strange....

    Edit : this morning all my capsule are full, one night and 24 items duplicate....?

    Very strange

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  • sanitybitessanitybites ✭✭
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    Dear Brian

    I've rolled a zero for 15 quantum's at 96 items for 4 days in a row then. I would usually see something on some of them replicate every 22-26 hours ish. I'm a core subscriber with 2100 ish items. Something is definitely broken.

    Regards Simon

    Aka sanitybites

    Edit:- most caps duplicated over night

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  • Is it possible that they've changed the replication rates again? I put a bunch of bursters in capsules at 2200 items and they were replicating, even if not as fast as I'd have expected.

    Random bad luck does happen too.

  • EvoldicAEvoldicA ✭✭✭

    None of my QC have duped for a bit.. Seems odd that they'd all stop at once unless they only randomize the amount and do it across-the-board.

  • angpiticliangpiticli ✭✭
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    Same issue here, 3 days in a row with 0 duplicated items from 9 quantum capsules. I'm a recent C.O.R.E. susbscriber with 2400ish items. I understand that this is, mathematically speaking, completely possible, but it seems pretty odd.

    Same thing also happened to, at least, 5-6 more people in our local group, some of them C.O.R.E. subscribers some others not...

    Quantums have duplicated this night, all of them with 100 or 99 items. Not only in my case, also same thing happened to the other 5-6 people of my local team having troubles with the quantum duplication. Strange, very strange...

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  • EvoldicAEvoldicA ✭✭✭
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    Is it possible that it's dependant on the age of the capsules combined with some other contributing factor? What gets reset when a capsule is emptied, dropped, picked back up, and refilled? Does the server track when the agent picked up the capsule? I've seen some pretty obscure unexplained bugs in software...

  • I think I know what has produced that bug.

    Item duplication rate in quantum now also depends of the fullness of the inventory.

    You will have more duplication with an inventory of 1000/2000 than 1900/2000.

    When adding that new limitation, Niantic forgot the new core inventory of 2500 items.

  • 33ond8833ond88 ✭✭
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    Been 3 days with a QC with 95 items.

    Not one dupe yet. I’m core with 2200 items.

    All my items are Res and Bursters so should dupe at good rate. (No rare / VR times)

    I’m assuming a slight bug with the 500 time CORE cap.

    Rolling 0, 3 days in a row seems too sus.

    I’ll lower my inventory below 2000 and report back if anything changes.

    EDIT: I had one item dupe just now, I was literally recycling to make room to get under 2000 and noticed my 95 was now a 96. So, it works on my end having over 2000 items with Core.

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  • XK150XK150 ✭✭✭✭✭

    My inventory hasn't been below 2000 in months and quantum capsules are working fine. I put 94 keys in one Sunday, and it's got 97 keys in it now.

    This entire thread is the petty paranoia of people who think they're smarter than they are.

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