I haven't been able to log in, in probably over a week while finishing Sojourner platinum

***biggest concern is I was about to finish Sojourner platinum medal before I was stopped from logging in and I want to finish it on time*****

In game handle is "BladeElbows" It seemed to occur around midnight. I was out playing ingress, switching apps (map app for driving & probably others) and as usual, when I switch apps sometimes it makes me reload Ingress. The issue was first noticed soon after midnight, when it wouldn't let me log back in again after I had driven to another new location trying to take down portal links and build my own, as per the game. I have attached screenshots of what happens when I try to log on. I am using an Samsung s8 (might be a plus or something) phone, running, it said version 9 in one place, I have now attached another screen shot with more specifics. I have tried uninstalling & reinstalling the app, multiple times, as well as going in and clearing the application data, which allows it to let me begin trying to sign in again, but it always stops me at the same spot. I have also tried using a friend's phone, they have a Samsung s5 (might be a plus or something there as well), and they are running android version 6.0.1. I submitted a form on the day this happened on another website that you run, but I've still had this issue continuously, for, I'm guessing over a week now, and I have made failed attempts to log in, a minimum of once daily (I believe usually trying 2-3+ times daily) since it has happened, as I am trying to maintain my Sojourner streak to reach the platinum medal. I would appreciate being given the days that I haven't been able to log in put towards my platinum Sojourner medal, and being allowed to continue the streak to finish the medal, or, if nothing else, just be able to pick up where I left off, as there was a considerable amount of planning & consistent time & effort to get where I got, and I won't be doing it again. I thank you for your time and consideration, and wish you a pleasant rest of your day.

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ps. I attached a screen shot of the storage screen where it lists, what I believe to be the Ingress version 2.65.1

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