Recursion bug when I change faction.

Yesterday I level up to 16 and change faction "Resistance".

The picture show my code name become to blue, but when I press X to next page.

It become green back. And I can recharge the portal.

My friend cheack my profile.

Is it a bug or ..?

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  • Hello Agent,

    Thank you for contacting us. We apologize for responding in English.

    I am happy to help you with your Faction change but I see that you have not raised the request by selecting the appropriate category.

    I request you fill the form for the Faction change from the below link and we will promptly process your request;

    Please write back to us for any additional help.

    Oh no... I join C.O.R.E. just got this...

  • But in the first screenshot your name is blue!

    How is that possible?

    Did you click the recurse button, waited 4 hours and confirmed that you want to recurse? 🤔

  • What are you talking about?

    I recurse 2 times. I know what i do.

    2021 / 2 / 26 13:33

    2021 / 2 / 26 19:22

    2021 / 2 /26 23 :26 I choice faction to blue.

    2021/ 2 / 26 23 :28

    But when i press X button , it become back to green.

  • He recursed. He chosed to be faction RES. He took the first picture that showed his portal became enemy portal, and then he press x and became to an ENL again.

    This is a bug. But the official report robot sent him a link to change faction(that would loss all the items and action points)

  • @aeromycity I currently see your Faction is set to Enlightened. Are you saying that after recursing, you were temporarily Resistance (which is what you chose), but after opening the Portal Details screen and then tapping the X button to close Portal Details, you were then reset back to Enlightened?

  • aeromycityaeromycity ✭✭
    edited March 2021

    Yes , I choice Resistance to play this time.

    When I tapped the X button , it reset back to Enlightened.

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  • @aeromycity This should be fixed now. Let us know if you notice any other issues.

  • Thank you!

  • I got the same, they reverted recursion, and I got to try again…

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