still disillusioned w/Prime

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[Nubia Red Magic 5S, Android 10, Ingress 2.65]

I'll admit nesting in a COVID coma for the last several months, keeping my hacking streak on life support with drone hacks. The recent addition of unique Cap/Visit decorations in the scanner got me excited, and had the opportunity for a friend to drive me around in a new town, so i took it, as my Explorer is close to platinum.

There are still problems with prime, which have existed for more than a year now. Love the new features, but seriously guys, show us some usability love.

(1) taps are still hit or miss. it may take me five tries or more to open a capsule, or select a key.

(2) i turned the audio on so my friend could hear. imagine my (lack of) surprise when Ada's voice says "resonator deployed" as soon as you hit the round "deploy" button, BEFORE you actually deploy any resonators.

(3) text on screen is STILL dim and unreadable, with lack of contrast/colors in violation of web accessibility guidelines.

Admittedly, i've been hiding under a rock for a while, but my memory is "there was a bug list, but it got thrown away when it got too big, and got restarted." (reiterate, repeat...) Where is the current bug list? Do we know that Niantic is paying attention to any of our usability feedback?

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