I bought 4 key lockers, there are no key lockers anymore in the store

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Long time ago I received key locker as a gift from Niantic. For that moment I had only 2 that I bought before, so it was the third one. Recently I bought another one and today another one. So I bought in total 4 and 1 was gifted.

the question: why I cannot buy the fifth? It is not fair that some agents have 5 key lockers + 1 gifted, and some agents are stucked with 5 key lockers.

For the moment I have 2 red key lockers (1 of them was a gift), 1 green and 1 yellow and 1 white. I want to buy 1 blue key locker to complete my collection.

Please take my money, I need the blue key locker for my collection.

Best regards.

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