Report a Bug vs. Request a Feature

I miss that the old "Support and Feedback > App Feedback" section could accommodate both "bug reports" and "feature requests." Now, all we have is "Report a Bug," which leaves no obvious home for "Request a Feature."

But ultimately, it's irrelevant to an Agent writing a post whether their feedback is Niantic's idea of a "bug" or a "feature request." They see something that they want to work differently. They write a post about it. They should be free to call it like they see it, without having to divine Niantic's intent. If Niantic wants to provide feedback to the Agent in the form of labeling the post as the dev team sees it, all the better, but that's Niantic's job, not the Agent's.

It's borderline user hostile to tell someone that they should go post in some other category because what they thought was a "bug" is actually a "new feature." And arguably, it's even worse that this feedback not infrequently — maybe even typically — comes from other Agents parsing the words and tea leaves of Niantic, instead of directly from Niantic itself. Worse because quibbling over a label detracts from the discussion that Agents are actually qualified to have: what and how things should be (from their perspective).


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    IMO Ideas should go in general for discussion. Bugs obviously in the bug report section. The questionable one is when expectations are not met (as mentioned in the Report A Bug description.

    Something that you expect to do X, but it doesn't, may be a bug, or intended, but it still should be in the report a bug section.

    And this category is definitely not for new Ingress features. This post is correctly placed, but many people use this one for new Ingress features too and most players don't read this category, which is why it's a bad place to put Ingress feature ideas.

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