the cheats of the Quilmeña resistance (los tramposos de la resistencias quilmeña)

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It has been a long time since the Quilmeño resistance, that is what they call themselves, sent portals within a private fishing club that only members can enter, not only one portal accepted them but there are 3, we can denounce those portals because for the Niantic rules these portals are invalid, but Niantic never resolved any of the complaints, the portals are still there, they never used them to link but as of the date they started to use them being impossible for the enlightened agents to be able to download those portals, that's how cheats are those of the Quilmeña resistance

El Ancla del Club Náutico Quilmes,-58.232143&z=17&pll=-34.703421,-58.232143

La Sirena del Club Náutico Quilmes,-58.233298&z=17&pll=-34.70433,-58.233298

El Mástil del Club Náutico Quilmes

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