Is there away to see why a portal was removed?

I know the real reason it was removed. Opposing faction got tired of driving out to my 1 portal town.

what id like to know is how they got a legit portal taken down. it is a operating Post Office, easy and safe access, (easy accept you have to drive like 2 hrs from the nearest regular play areas). Until upgrades went live we didn't have another portal within 20 mile radius.


  • also I need likes to be able to appeal, so thanks.

  • jimsugjimsug ✭✭

    As far as I know you can't see why it was removed. I suppose you could re-submit it and if it's rejected then you could infer that it didn't meet guidelines...

  • JudyBJudyB ✭✭✭

    You can appeal, but you need to make sure that your links are not detected by the forum software, so post links without "https" etc

  • @jimsug Once a portal has been removed from a location, new submissions within a certain radius of the removed portal go into a kind of limbo, where they will be neither approved nor rejected, even though they may have received sufficient votes for a decision on OPR. You can get a decision on it only by submitting a support ticket at that point. Either way, you wouldn't get any good info on the reason for the original removal.

  • jimsugjimsug ✭✭

    @yngemar wow, that seems a little insane but thanks for the info. Good to know.

  • @jimsug I get it if the portal was removed for unsafe access or being on private property. It prevents folks from just resubmitting what was already a bad portal. But when something was removed for being a duplicate, or having been removed in real life? I got those pushed through after submitting a ticket, but I wish NIA would just code removals in their database to only create the exclusion zone for bad locations.

  • XK150XK150 ✭✭✭✭

    This is not true. I know examples where the deleted portal itself was resubmitted in the same location and approved.

  • @XK150 It is possible that NIA has made some changes in their process, or that there are other issues involved in the cases you know of, but I've personally experienced the process I described. Submitted new portals near previously removed portals, waited months for a decision - much longer than other decisions in the area take - submitted a ticket explaining the situation, and had decisions within a day.

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