agent not found while using ingress on The freeway

Why can I not read agents stats on the freeway some something like a bug ??? and then when I get home all agents are not found

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Intended - Not a Bug · Last Updated

Part 1 described below is intended/working as designed. Part 2 is something we should address.


  • Not a bug.

    You have a soft ban by stalking too much agent profiles 😁

    Wait some hours and you can see profiles again.

  • I remember, when Missions were first added to Classic, there was a speed lock implemented on them. But AFAIK that doesn't apply to Agent Profiles. Stop looking at so many at once.

  • If I'm understanding the situation correctly, it sounds like there are 2 parts:

    1) You're not able to view some Agent Profiles after you've been looking at multiple Agent Profiles in succession. You've exceeded the number of profiles you can view in a given amount of time, which is working as designed.

    2) The Agent not found error message you're seeing isn't accurate. It's not so much that the Agent codename isn't found, it's that you've exceeded the number of profiles you can view at this moment.

    If this is what's happening, then you still won't be able to see other Agents' stats or view their Agent Profiles, whether you're on a freeway or not, and that itself isn't a bug. But the second part where we're showing an inaccurate error message is something we should fix, and Vanguards have also shared this.

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