Spoofers accounts in Barcelona (cell AF09-SIERRA-02)

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Hello, I would like to expose a problem that we have been having for a long time in our cell that mainly includes the Barcelona cell (AF09-SIERRA-02) and for which we have no solution from Niantic. Specifically, it is about spoofer accounts that interfere and roam freely without being minimally monitored or inspected and that travel long distances from point A to point B in unreal time. We are a large number of agents who are frustrated to see how, for example, we go up a mountain to capture a portal taking three hours, while another spoofer agent does it in two minutes. We find that all the strategic portals are being destroyed and captured by very recent accounts and that on top of it, the perimeter confinements that exist in the territory due to COVID are skipped.

It is useless for us to make a report to a spoofer account if then the only thing Niantic does is give it a strike or warning, since it will use another new account to continue harming the community of agents who play in that cell.

He also comments that these spoofer accounts, to go unnoticed, upload their statistics and even make banners so that they go unnoticed and thus it is more difficult for them to be considered false accounts. Fake accounts like Manctrlc use that tactic.

Here is the list of suspicious accounts:




JuanTanam0 (Banned 2020/02/04)








Perchitabcn (it was previously called ShimoAsada)



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  • Elfobcn hablaré de mi propia experiencia en la zona de Bunyola, la cual notifique mi presencia a Novita casi una hora después y allí no vino nadie a cerrar.

    Del resto de las cuestiones, si no he estado no puedo hablar

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    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, You can always report any inappropriate gameplay via the chat window in our Help Center: bit.ly/2MdSD5D. One of our representatives will take it from there and investigate. Thank you!  

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    Keep reporting. Again and again, eventually it will stick, we had problem players for years, cheated all the time. So many black badges, then we finally got them banned.

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    Did you get the primary account banned? If the primary has multiple badges/achievements, and get's banned, a lot of bad actors just quit then.

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    I totally agree with you @SSSputnik, factions should stay out of it when it comes to fighting spoofers. However, it wouldn't be the first time that the narrative established by a group or a single person on this forum hid something behind.

    I just wanted to remark the origin of these accusations, and as I said back on December, I would gladly delete everything if the people who wrote those obnoxius insults, made a public apology, or, at least, apologized to all the agents who were insulted in that letter. That post was read by hundreds of people, but no actions were taken to restore their honor.

    You know better than anyone that you owe them a public apology, especially to her.

    Finally, I would like to publicly offer my help to anyone to report any spoofer accounts. This is something that is killing our game and we must not concede to them.

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