Back to Space Project

Needing help getting an event setup for April 2021 for the #BacktoSpace.

We are working on this project in our town and looking to help agents be part of this history making event.

City of Jacksboro and other local businesses are interested in supporting this event.

Would like to coordinate with a possible anomaly.

The Moon will finally be in reach and the first Moon Portal will be up for grabs. It will be located on the worlds largest map of the moon.

Any help that I maybe able to get would be much appreciated.

W Mangum

Director of Recreation

[email protected]

Grandpa91 (in game)


  • A portal on the Moon ... wow ... an achievement, but ... how will they know if she finds it on the Portal network that is Earth ... Will they improve this Network?

    We don't know anything yet.

  • Or is this just an Anomaly joke when a lot of people are vaccinated?

  • @Grandpa91 this sounds like a really cool project... at first I didn't realize what you were talking about. But this is it, right?

    Has the map been built now? Will people be able to actually walk on it so that you could legit go to the portal? If the portal is only available in VR it would probably be a tough approval - if it is a real physical place that anyone can go to, I would think you wouldn't have much trouble getting portals approved ....Sounds super fun! Sadly April may still be burdened by pandemic restrictions, but maybe once events are ok again, you could create your own Ingress event and advertise it... doesn't have to be an official one. Use the forums to reach people, Invite everyone to come and then place a battle beacon - have agents fight for control of the moon portal :-) Your imagination is the only limit .... I had not heard of this, I may have to come down to Texas to see it in person! Congrats on the really great achievement of bringing this facility to life!

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