Changes to the Community Forums I'd like to see...

I am an old timer in many ways, I know... (aside from the fact that I am old, please, no one mention that!) I miss the very visual aspects of G+ and how it was such a central point for information. I liked scrolling through the photos, clicking deeper into a subject that interested me, seeing all the people out there having a good time with Ingress. When we lost G+, we lost that central platform that everyone was so passionate about sharing information with, and communities fractured, built their own spaces, moved to regional chats...but no one format won the day as the place that EVERYONE goes.

Is it possible to revise the format of this forum to be more visual? Does it offer a "tiles" format similar to G+? Do any of the rest of you miss G+ or is it just me? If you do miss it, what aspects of it do you miss?

Here's a link to what the old G+ interface looked like for those who don't remember (didn't want to steal the photo)


  • If you want to look at alternate views, then head over to the Vanilla Forums website for what it can do.

    However, G+ was a feed-style site, not a forum, so there's a fair bit of difference about the goals of the two styles.

  • You are quite correct, there is a difference between feeds and forums. We have lost the active contributions of so many agents here in these forums, and I miss hearing their voices. There are lots of reasons for this, I know. My goal personally? I'd like to see one common platform that was the first place I would go to for my "fix" on what's going on in the Ingress world. Right now my time is split between hundreds of chats and channels on multiple different platforms. The tone of what is going on can vary greatly depending on the particular group/area involved. I think changes could be made here to make this platform more useful, attractive and fun. This example appeals to me ... Are you happy with this current expression of the forums, or is there an expression of it out there that you like better? How about your community at large - are your newer players getting engaged on the forums, or are they mostly sticking to the local chats? How are players making the leap from local stories to the bigger global picture these days?

  • The advantage G+ had, which Ingress cannot, is that when providing private community groups, there was no requirement or expectation for the platform to police those groups.

    That would 100% not be true in the case of Niantic providing those groups.

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