Ingress is dying.



  • Shards and their suitability comes down to the format.

    The biggest problem with shards is that it's flood or drought for communities. Having a single faction target for 6 weeks, with 12 hour cycles, has previously destroyed communities. Having shards in the world, and never ever coming near to them bores other communities.

    Even the XFac shards where people worked together, largely meant a few big jumps to the area, then up an established path to the goal. The vast majority of players don't get more than spectator roles.

    A mass shard event with lots of shards and local targets would probably work better for involving people, but it'd probably also overwhelm the slimline servers that we have, which often already feel stressed.

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    C'mon, the server can handle a million portals but can't calculate one shard movement once a day for each scorecell?

  • Correct.

    You're talking about a singular consistent action, vs a million discrete and independent untimed actions.

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    Wasn't there discussion about this, regarding upping the server ability for events? I think it came up last time there was a starburst somewhere.

  • Yeah they mentioned it. And a single shard traveling across the world would be fine. Snapshots of every single cell to determine movement of a shard in that cell, likely less achievable.

  • The difference between "Potential" and "what we got" is all about $$$.

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    Do you think that with subscription The game can be divided by free players and subscribers? I mean, some online games have this, a free access, extremely limited and premium players get complete full access and experience. Initially subscription in ingress is speculated to provide minor changes, but maybe they could start developing new feature just for subscription, and the rest keeps with what we got now.

    Just asking for your opinion about this possibility, what you expect and hope for.

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    @NianticBrian it is a relief that you/we will have a proper Community Manager

    There is just so many issues being ignored, that it feels deliberate. And glad this isn't true.

    One other thing, can we please get some real story going again, with live actors, as cheesy as the last casting was, it was enjoyable. This to me is one of the great things about Ingress.

    Another thing, is The Ingress Report, which also helped to advertise Ingress as a game, because it advertised the big fielding Operations, Megalodon and Green Marble are two that spring to mind

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    edited February 2021

    I rated the app a good while ago and the experience has been about 3.5, get the spoofers, cheats and tech cleaned up and you'll have your 5. The Brain execution and challenge are solid 4-4.5. the tech side is a 3 some days far worse.

  • Hopefully getting a new community manager will help Ingress attempt to resolve their communication issues with the player base.

    Yes. Since Krug left, there has been a huge vacuum in communication. And it's hurt ingress.

    Thank goodness ofer2 stepped up, but he/she can only give vague snippets of what's coming, and isn't even responsible for communicating with the player base.

    The vanguards are just about useless, as they are in the same NDA boat, and they are apparently giving bad advice because we ended up with messed up releases of junk features such as battle beacons and scanning. And where are we on subscriptions?

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    This is not totally true, Ingress player numbers were declining BEFORE Prime was even announced. No I don't have numbers for this, but I sense it to be true. The communications thing, toxic environment between factions made up most of the reasons then I think

    It took literally years for Niantic to remove Guardian Badge which caused major but hurt.

  • A valid credit card would be a good check, one card per account, maybe two? Perhaps a Captcha that pops up every X actions.

    Your playstore/appstore validates credit cards, not Niantic. And store purchases can be done with Prepaid vouchers as well. Not everyone has a credit card either. Regarding Captcha popups, that's gonna get annoying really fast.

    I do agree that verification needs to come back in some form though.

    On loadout cards, I don't think those are an option anymore and may contravene agreements with Google/Apple regarding in-game item purchases.

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    Codes are still issued, it is because they are not charged for?

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    Agree on the little things mattering. I see on Pokemon twitter, Niantic take complaints to direct message.

    How hard would it be to at least do a one liner or two on the forums in response to complaints?

    "Just read your message agent, we're looking into it." or

    "Just read your message agent, please see this URL"

    Then, if individual replies are too hard, do a once a month post, "Had these queries over the last 4 weeks, here's what we did".

    A "Known Issues" page?

  • Have you considered asking your community or a representative group how many would recommend playing this game to friends? It's a different approach to asking the same question: how do you rate the game? It doesn't influence the rating in the Stores, but it'll allow you to track the perception among your base.

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