Free speech moderation

Dear @NianticKK can you not edit my posts? This is abit against what a community is for, and it goes against free speech...

If you don't like the words that you read, maybe you should do a better job in support with all the cheats and spoofs still happily harassing around globally, and not force feed useless features like portal scanning down our throats.

There is plenty of community input that could improve gameplay greatly. If you listen to your audience.

Moderating things you rather not read here is incompetence of your own disability to improve the game we used to call ingress.



  • @vigvyrex I reviewed the comment you're referring to and can confirm that the meaning behind your post is unchanged. However, some of its contents weren't following our Terms of Service and the Player Guidelines.

    As long as you're respectful in conveying your opinions, you're welcome to do so. If you wish to report the abusers, contact us via in-app support to reach the concerned team.

    I'll be closing this thread for further comments. Thank you for your understanding.

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