No BGAN only portals. Require additional expensive equipment

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For the average agent who has not invested in BGAN equipment the BGAN only portals cause an elitist level of agent that will win at any cost.

This feature of the game needs to end. Niantoc can tell if a portal uses what service.

Whether it is consumer cellular service; WiFi Access or satellite service.

Niantic allows all service but can easily restict new portal creation on BGAN only access.

And your data scientists should be able to figure out bgan only service.

If there is a business with wifi access them conduct business with them and asked for wifi password.

But why should ingress agents have to upgrade to Bgan????

Please stop allowing Bgan portals. It creates an unfair advantage and is contrary to fair game play.

I have seen the other side maintain massive fields in town for years. My side gave up. Over there so i try to counter balance that action with my own fields me and my husband. These guys are setting an example but losing for the team.

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  • Niantoc can tell if a portal uses what service.

    No, they really can't. The most common 'service' for BGAN portals, is that Niantic knows it's on Wifi. Which doesn't really help.

    And your data scientists should be able to figure out bgan only service.

    This is impossible without complex co-operation with cellular providers globally. Which is basically impossible.

    But why should ingress agents have to upgrade to Bgan????

    They don't. However, they do have to prepare solid blockers to prevent zero-cell portals from being effectively used.

    My side gave up. 

    No-one likes a quitter.

  • Not a bug, wrong forum category.

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    "The Gays are setting an example but losing for the team"


    Anyway, to your real point, Hard to access portals are part of the game. Plenty of portals I can't get, simply because my Cell carrier is not present in the area. I could use BGAN - it's not that hard or that expensive. I can get my hands on some equipment, if I really needed too, and the data is affordable enough. Certainly cheaper than the gas I would use to go out to a remote portal, or the time I would take to hike out.

  • Seems like we get one of these every few months. You might as well complain that your cell carrier doesn't work at a portal but someone else's does. It's the same argument. "Oh noes, somebody spent money for data I don't have" is a terrible argument especially when people who know how to use the technology somehow manage to spend no more than a postpaid hotspot on a second carrier. Just because you're no good at wallet chicken doesn't mean nobody else should be either.

  • "The Gays are setting an example but losing for the team."

    Excuse me?

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    I see that Niantic edited the OP, but that last line is still in there, and I'm wonder **** is going on at Niantic. Moderators already hitting the eggnog a bit too much?

    And three letters in my post get edited automatically. Wow. Good jorb.

  • Based on comments I'm guessing the Niantic edit was to move the post into the right category.

    Hoping the last line is a bad autocorrect...

  • There's a portal near my house, only works on one carrier. Should that be removed? It's expensive to have multiple cell phone plans. What about portals in locations that aren't accessible for months at a time? What about portals that are only accessible to employees of a business or government agency? What about handicapped inaccessible portals? What about portals in an area that are dense enough old phones crash constantly?

    Those are all equally concerning accessibility issues... which is to say, not at all. You are not entitled to get access to every single portal in the game any time you feel like it. You are able to access what portals you are able to access due to your physical limitations, equipment limitations, and access restrictions... that is an intentional part of the tactics of the game. You are not necessarily supposed to be able to access every portal... and that's fine.

  • Man, if only someone made a game where the goal WAS to catch them all. 🤔

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    Well cell service and bgan service are essentially the same thing. One just happens to cost more.

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    Well, the only real issue I see about that is that any spoofer can easily pick those portals up and the only chance to catch them is being at that portal.

    What a magical time to spoof that annoying portal that you once went and got no service at all but looks like opposing team has no problem at all since there are several names on it :D

    Spoofer logic: I am not banned, therefore this is OK.

  • I understand the frustration. Pay to play is annoying.

    However from what I’ve read, bgan appears to be much cheaper than a boat. I say that because your team has owned Governement island since they created portals there.

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    Traditional BGANs are being replaced by newer terminals and satellites, as demand for global Internet has surged. Starlink is a new player in this market.

    Remote portals are fair, as the effort to get to them is significant.

    Events in Ingress have essentially been non-existent In 2020.

    One such example of an event in 2021 could be to send our drones to one of a few targets. This means having to utilise remote portals with active links, if the DroneNet Mk2 enables longer travel via links.

  • What is a BGAN?

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    A "BGAN portal" requires a satellite modem (terminal) and corresponding data plan. See also: Broadband Global Area Network.

  • just stop being poor - find better job, earn money, invest into ingress, win.

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