Portals scans crashing in IOS 14.2

I recently updated to iOS 14.2 and started running into an issue with portal scans. When done with the portal scans, the screen with Upload Later/upload now/retake hangs up when I hit ‘Upload Later’ and the little triangle keeps spinning. After 10-20 seconds it tells me there’s an error. I can try hitting the button again, but it just hangs up again. If I abort and exit portal scanning after this error, I cannot take any actions on nearby portals. The interaction with portals looks like the issue you get with low signal: the animation for putting a resonator just hangs and I have a blue cloud (I’m Res) animation just hovering over the portal. The only option at that point is to force quit the app and reload. Even restarting the phone has no effect and I continue to randomly get the error. I can sometimes get one or two scans in before the error happens, but once it pops up, it’s the **** of **** to my portal scans

I updated to the newest ingress build hoping this would be fixed with the new portal scan roll out, but the issue continued today, Dec 12th. It’s frustrating because I just earned gold Scout Controller and have over 1900 portal scans to my name and now I’m not making any progress on these medals. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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  • I'm having a similar issue. I first noticed this while running 2.59, and it's still happening with 2.60.

    I have an iPhone SE 2020 running ios 14.2, a 128GB model with 77GB free, I scan a portal, then tap "upload later". Occasionally, this works fine. But most of the time, the app thinks to itself (animated triangle) for 90 seconds, then displays "submission failed".

    Using the same phone, I can scan in pokemon go without trouble.

    Using a different phone--a 128GB iPhone 7 running ios 13.7 with 58GB free--I can scan in ingress without trouble.

  • Same issue here. Tried to get my medals going yesterday and today as there is 3 points up for grab on selected portals. Gave up, aprox. 80% of all my scans fail. iOS 14.2, Ingress 2.60.

  • Same here

  • Same. I attempted the same thing in Pokémon Go, and the behavior was replicated.

  • After scanning a portal using IOS v14.2 on an iPhone 8, tapping Upload Now and/or Upload Later, both will time-out after ~30 seconds. Often, not always, after the time-out, the scanner app crashes. This behavior has been occurring for several weeks now.

    The scanner app version is shown below. The error message that shows after the time-out is also shown below.

  • This bug happens on earlier and later IOS versions as well. Since it takes hours to scan one portal (reloading the game and scanning until it won't fail), I end up making unusable scans and submitting them.

  • MonkeyPeltMonkeyPelt ✭✭✭✭

    Same issue on iPhone X on iOS 14.3, Ingress version 2.61.3-a841de4f

    I did about 10 scans no problem then intermittently ran into this issue for the next 15 scans (I was unable to deploy resos after this issue). I would reboot Ingress to resolve the issue. Eventually I was unable to save any scans.

  • CliffMCliffM ✭✭✭✭✭

    About 1/3 of my scans on my iPhone 12 do this. Much higher percentage on iPhone, although it happened on my Pixel 4 XL all the time too

  • iPhone 8 iOS 14.3 Ingress 2.61.3 (so this isn't just affecting iOS 14.2

    "Upload Later" option fails after several attempts.

    After tapping on the Upload Later button, the icon in the bottom left of the screen spins repeatedly. Eventually the "Submission failed. Please try again" message appears. Repeated attempts to save the scan also fail in the same way. Closing the app and repeating the process with a new scan also failed.

    I had this problem today and also last week. In both cases, the attempts were made on volatile portals.

    Rupert Park Golf Course

    Welcome to Burnaby Sign

  • I have the same problem. iPhone 8 plus IOS 14.2

  • After performing a 3D scan of the portal and attempting to either Upload or Save for Later, the app shows the spinner as if it is processing then times out to an error pop-up.

    Retrying does not help.

    Restarting the app does not help.

    Reinstalling the app does not help.

    Device: iPhone 8

    OS: 14.4

    App: 2.63.1-a91bc0a5

  • Ditto on iOS 14.4 and latest Ingress. I’ve stopped trying to scan until it’s fixed. Very frustrating.

  • I have an iPhone 8 running 14.3 and latest ingress. Most of my portal scans fail.

  • Same here. I was suffering this issue on iPhone XS with IOS 14.3, yesterday I've updated to 14.4 and the problem persist.

  • Yes, I’m having the same issue in iOS 14.4. I make a portal scan, and then If I select submit now or later the app crashes or keeps loading. Then I have to restart the game and sometimes it works and others don’t.

    I spoke with the help center and they didn’t help much they told me that it’s because is an unsupported device. I told them it’s not, I’m using a IPhone XR. They closed the conversations 😅

    Hope they fix it soon.

  • Make 7 scans , need 3 restarts, problem persists.

    IOS 14.4 Ip7+

  • MonkeyPeltMonkeyPelt ✭✭✭✭

    Any updates @NianticBrian? We haven't heard anything about this for well over a month. I want to grind scans for your team, but my scanner literally won't let me :'(

  • We're currently testing a speculative fix but it will still take some time for us to release these fixes to Agents. Thank you for your patience.

  • That's good to heard, can wait to scan, lol

    hopefully it will be fixed soon!!

  • Today i've scanned 2 unique portals without needed to recycle Ingress app (the max i can get without breaking it) , but when i get home and uploaded the scans only one gets uploaded. Its frustrating!

  • ph3dph3d ✭✭

    Any update on this @NianticBrian ? We still cannot scan more than two portal per time.

  • Please please, let me test your fix, it is not cool to see that every other agent not using iphone are nailing the medals.

  • Any update on this? The problems with the portal scans seem to continue and are really frustrating. I have iPhone 8 and iOS 14.4.1. As much as I would like to polish my scout medals, the frequently failed submissions are very time consuming and thus not worthwhile. Hopefully this unfortunate issue will be fixed soon.

  • I have also been struggling with this (iPhone SE 2020, iOS 14.4.1). Could it be related to the amount of scans performed? As it seems all new ”scanners” don’t seem to have any problems? I now have 3630 scans performed but it is really frustrating having to re-scan some portals 2-10 times before it succeeds - and doing the restart-wait-scan-repeat while at it.

    I’ve also noticed that if I have an upload running when this issue occurs the ongoing upload might give notification about upload completion but Scout controller is not registering thus having to scan the previous portal again..

  • ph3dph3d ✭✭

    The main difference between with this kind of bugs now is some of the agents affected by this bug are paying a subscription (ie: my account) and this makes me wonder WHY should i keep paying. I'm very very unsatisfied on the response time for a paid game now and i'm very upset to now even have an ETA for this.

  • Same problem here. Brand new Iphone 12 pro max with plenty of space, running iOS 14.4.

    Ingress version 2.67.1-2d5c7166

    The whole thing hangs after hitting "upload later". Then the error message "submission failed, pls try again" comes, as others have reported already. I did just one scan today and had the error. The scan vanished. A single scan, people... not good. Will do not do any more scans until this gets fixed. Time to fix this asap.

  • @NianticBrian any update on this issue? I still can't upload scans from Settings.. it just sits there for ages then finally crashes. It would be great if the UI wasn't so rubbish. You should be able to see a list of cached scans, and selectively delete them if one in particular is failing constantly. Some sort of progress bar would be nice too...

    I'm on the latest iOS build (2.68.2-cea30027) fwiw...

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