Can’t login to my account on my iPhone anymore

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I have an iPhone 6s. It has all the latest updates, ios14.3, Ingress 2.61.3. I’ve been playing for 6 years, L16 recursed and at L14. About 2 weeks ago, I went to log into my account. It asked me to log into my Google account first. This usually only happens when I haven’t played in over 24 hours. I entered my Gmail address and pressed NEXT. It started refreshing to go to the next page where I’m supposed to enter my password. It never goes to the next step! It stays refreshing in that screen and doesn’t even time out. Ive tried EVERYTHING! I can log into my account on my wife and kids phones but not mine. Before you say it, my cookies are enabled, my cache is cleared. I can log into my Google account through Google app, Gmail, Google Chrome, just not through Ingress. When I try to login through FB or Apple, it says “no account found “. Please help

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  • You're able to sign in to the forum with your Ingress account; are you also able to sign in to Intel Map?

    We'll investigate further, thanks for reporting this.

  • @Tecelote13 can you try signing in to Ingress with your Google Account credentials now? Do you still see the No account found error message?

    Also, just a heads up that I deleted your first screenshot because it was showing your email address, and I wouldn't want that info shared so broadly.

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    Thank you for deleting that 😬. No I can’t sign into the intel map. That’s the first thing I noticed. No, I still can’t login through my Gmail or FB. Gmail still just stays in refreshing stage and through FB it shows “no account found “

    I can login to my Wayfarer account to review portal submissions. I don’t know if that helps any.

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  • @NianticBrian any luck on fixin my account?

  • When you said you can sign into your account from your wife's phone, do you mean you can sign into Ingress from your wife's phone but not from your iPhone 6s?

    I can see your @Tecelote13 Ingress account that you're using here (so you're not suspended, and your account exists). If uninstalling then reinstalling Ingress (not just clearing cache and cookies) doesn't let you sign in from your iPhone 6s, then we'll continue investigating further. Being able to sign in to your Ingress account in the forum and into Wayfarer is helpful info, thanks.

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