Ingress Roadmap ?

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Last time we got a roadmap was in 2018. Isnt it time for a new roadmap for 2021 and forward ?



  • ANY peak behind the curtain would be much appreciated! Imagine them releasing a rough roadmap with the subscription...

  • Ingress is between a rock and a hard place over Covid19. When the bug allows things to come back to familiar play levels then we can discuss in person first Saturday leading to anomalies.

    Cautiously optimistic about live first Saturday happening Q4 next year???

    Subscriptions may have to wait until that happens before going live.

  • Depending on how effective the vaccine is (including distribution) I could see in-person IFSs possibly as early as late Q2, assuming a lot of other things go very well.

  • Piggybacking off of @Perringaiden 's request, I'd like to see another Archives medal to increase revenue. Those seemed fairly popular and it's been a while since the previous one (late June). I'd imagine they're pretty easy to put in the store as well, half a day's work at best with all the announcements.

    @NianticBrian @ofer2

  • @NianticBrian Please tell us what ofer2 is referring to - can you give us an actual 2021 Ingress roadmap?

  • Matrix effect with Lidar, Unity and ArKit (by Olivier Goguel)

  • Thanks for the reply, ofer2, but as you mentioned you aren't the community or product manager.

    Why hasn't Brian chimed in on this topic? I understand the hesitation to set dates, but at least give a list...

  • As for me, this is the roadmap for Ingress. Nothing can beat it. And it will **** all the whining about cheaters (my whining). Just think about it before thinking about money. When Niantic will be ready to implement this technology - smartphone will be free gift for birthday with annually free update to latest version)

  • The longest promised improvement is to allow us to rearrange our mission badges (even if the first row is frozen). Many people want their banners to line up, or to sort by city, or by picture (like, all faces together).

    Also, to see a list of portals already visited/captured. PokemonGo has this ability. Please at least let us see it on a browser.

  • I am still waiting for ingress prime in h4v.

    Hope this will help you understand me better)

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    They've never actually promised badge rearrangement. We've just asked for it forever. And if you want to go "whole of game" the Intel API was promised in early 2013, before badges even existed.

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    @ofer2 questing systems which require xx amount of gameplay to reward VR gear.

    Build xx fields, capture xx portals, capture xx MU, destroy xx links, glyph xx points, etc. Rotate the quests regionally based on what players of each faction are doing. Lower than x fields or links in a cell? Require that quest. Too many links in a cell? Run the destroy links quest. Make it generally context aware of the cells and different for each faction so their objectives compete.

    Also, require a certain level of play each day for quantum capsules to work. Aka, force people to do a map-showing action daily to get quantum gear. Simple fix to backpackers while also increasing daily actions of players.

  • Let's start at the beginning. Until jurisdictions loosen up Covid19 restrictions to the point where 90+% of the population can safely go out, this is not going anywhere.

    After that, check back in Q3 or Q4 2021, we can discuss things like subscriptions, getting people out playing more, harder, and bring back basic things like live FS, and ramp for anomalies.

  • Why not put a poll out with some ideas, or a survey, see what people eould be interested in and what they wouldn't be. I get theres the vanguard program for litmus testing, but a better litmus test is asking loads of people from different backgrounds, play styles playing length etc.

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    Good point. We could have told Niantic that Battle Beacons would not repay the development time they put into them if they had consulted us.

  • BB is the coolest weapon in Ingress. It is worth any money, every CmU and all work hours.

  • Exactly, In my play area I know of 2 times a battle beacon was used, one to test it and another because the person wanted to flip their portal but didn't have a virus. Maybe more places use them, but just now it sounds like it was a wasted development

    Another thing would be the portal scanning being so unrewarding for the time and effort it takes, if a poll had been done they might have been able to start it off being worth while

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