Longest Hack Streak went to zero even though I've hacked daily

My longest hack streak has been stuck at zero for two days I should be at 2,113 days. I have not missed a day hacking since they started counting I have screenshots if you need.

What can I do to resolve this if possible thank you

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  • LoielemLoielem ✭✭
    edited December 2020

    for the sojourner the moment went the game passed to the next day is the time of the first hack of your streak. Not the calendar day.

    For example if I started at 8:00PM : If todday I hacked at 7:59PM, and tomorrow at 8:01PM i will lose my hacking streak, because i don't hacked any portal between 8:00PM of today and 8:00PM of tomorow. Even if I hacked a portal 12/17/2020 and 12/18/2020, two calendar days a row

    For an other example, if I started at 8:00PM : If today I hacked at 8:00PM, and after tomorow i hacked at 7:59PM i will keep my hacking streak, because i hack a portal between 8:00PM of today and 8:00PM of tomorow, and between 8:00PM of tomorow and 8:00PM of after twomrow. Even if I hacked a portal 12/17/2020 and 12/19/2020, threecalendar days a row

    I hope you understood

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    There's padded time for the sojourner - sometimes you can go over 24 hours.

  • Since the update 3 days ago I have the same problem. Because I do not have a home portal, I use the drone exclusively in the current Corona times. Before the update it worked great, currently the counter "Current Hacking Streak" shows 0, the "Longest Hacking Streak" is interrupted.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2020

    but have u hacked daily within 24hours ? i dont understand how with drones anyone can lose their hacking streak today, also the time isnt strict 24hours, i have reading and some claim its over 30 hours or so window margin... If u hack atleast morning and evening u should not be able to lose the hacking streak.

  • Yes, I have been hacking with the drone every day. Even today already, but "Current Hacking Streak" is 0. The day of interruption corresponds exactly to the update day and the creation day of this report. On 16.12. it was still counting up, but since the update in the evening it has no longer been counting up.

    It really makes you lose interest in the game. :/

  • And a big thank you to the support who just explained the medal to me ingame. I still haven't figured it out in all the time I've been playing. :[

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