Ingress Prime v. 2.25.2 Release Notes

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In the coming days, you will receive an update to the Ingress Prime Scanner.


Ingress Prime

Release Notes

v. 2.25.2


For 2.25.2

  • Feature: Compass is now enabled
  • Feature: In-app access to Support (will be enabled after force upgrade of this version, about a week after rollout begins)
  • UX: Made improvements the startup time when initially launching the app.
  • UX: Made enhancements to when the disambiguation screen is presented to avoid it appearing when the Agent is zoomed in on a Portal
  • UX: Continued enhancements to the new Agent tutorial.
  • Bug: Check to ensure that Portal distance is correct for Resonator deploys.
  • Bug: Fixed Links and fields not being visible in their actual position while changing between potential Links.
  • Bug: Fixed an issue with stale Links blocking valid Links to be made.
  • Bug: Fixed Link UI bug when scrolling quickly between Links.
  • Bug: Resolved an issue where the Portal owner is not updated when the Portal is neutralized.
  • Bug: Fixed an error that broke the sort functionality for Portal keys
  • Bug: Fixed a softlock issue when remote-viewing certain PortalsBug: Various bug fixes for the end of the new Agent tutorial.
  • Bug: Fixed bug where Agent faction would change part way through new Agent tutorial.  
  • Bug: Fixed layout issues pertaining to different aspect ratios/resolutions.
  • Bug: Fix for dynamic compass being enabled when not intended.      
  • Bug: Resolved an issue when upgrading Resonators via the item carousel that would always jump to max level Resonator and the automated portal slot selection would not select the lowest level Resonator to upgrade.
  • Bug: Fix for the compass not refreshing after changing a view
  • Bug: Various fixes/improvements related to Portal interactions
  • Bug: Treat GS10, OnePlus 5, and OnePlus 6 as high performance devices
  • Bug: Fixed an issue with the extra energy bar related to using a boosted Power Cube
  • Bug: Corrected an issue with the extra XM from a boosted Power Cube not being correctly calculated
  • Bug: Fixed an issue with Link preview not rendering correctly for longer Links
  • Bug: Resolved a problem with scrolling too quickly through the Linking menu
  • Bug: Fixed a bug related to XM being removed from the ground
  • Bug: Fixed some of the issues related to effects not being removed when a Portal is destroyed
  • Bug: Fixed issue where Resonator sound effects would play with sound disabled
  • Bug: Resolved an issue where the charge effect did not follow the Agent’s avatar
  • Bug: Fixed perspective issues due to remote recharging


  • Improvements to map readability in sunlight
  • Overall app stability
  • Portal Edits & Reporting
  • Continued bug fixes and parity


To see a list of known issues go here:

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  • Wow, that's a lot of works you have done.

  • pugmasterpugmaster ✭✭✭

    Thank you for the compass. It was something that I used a lot in the redacted app.

  • drh4kordrh4kor ✭✭
    edited June 2019

    💚 new loading times are 🔥🔥🤘🍻

    Defending just got good again! Thanks!

  • jontebulajontebula ✭✭✭✭✭

    Start up is very good now on my S10+

  • Please lose the countdown before hacks it throws so many people off their glyph game.

  • To be clear, it combines the 2.24 changes as well (we decided to skip that build). But you can ignore this reply if you'd like :)

  • We will look into this. Many Agents have also expressed how they like it.

  • Yesterday I updated the new version,but now i can't load my Ingress account data,it's a terrible thing ,before i updated it ,everything is all right.

    My device is oneplus 6 ,Oxygen Os 9.0.6 Android Version 9, no rooted, is there any other agents have the same problem,please tell me the way of solution,thanks.

  • EvilSuperHerosEvilSuperHeros ✭✭✭✭✭

    Done button after glyphing is a pain. Why is it even there? It's a slow down in game play.

    Any chance that the comms ui will be fixed so you can see more than 2 digits of what mu you have captured?

  • I updated the new version,but now i can't load my Ingress account data,it's a terrible thing ,before i updated it ,everything is all right.

    My device is pixel3,Android Version 9, no rooted, is there any other agents have the same problem,please tell me the way of solution,thanks.

  • @NianticScot I saw you mention this rolled in the 2.24 bug fixes in another thread but cannot find those. Where are those located at? Did it fix the bug that causes submissions to lock up?

  • BarbareuszBarbareusz ✭✭
    edited June 2019

    Yesterday (it was yesterday for me) it's been stated on Community that you are raising the range of portal submission up to 25km. I've got the latest version of the app from Google Play Store but still can't pass the 2 km range - the pin bounces back every time. Any comments on this?

  • Today the client was updated to version 2.25.2 the game stopped loading. The screen constantly "rotates the earth" can not find the location.

    Before the update everything worked fine. Tell me how to fix it.

    My device Sony Xperia X Performance F8132 Android 7.1.1 Thanks

  • starwortstarwort ✭✭✭✭✭

    I have not noticed any change in startup time at all. It's still roughly 2 minutes, with nearly 90 seconds of that being a totally blank screen.

    I'd love to know what it's actually doing during that time. Probably mainly swapping, I guess (my phone has 1.8G of RAM). And starting up dozens and dozens of threads (there seem to be 104 running at the moment - on a quad core chip that's gotta be quite slow).

  • Jo0LzJo0Lz ✭✭✭✭✭

    Even though startup time has been cut down, it's still double the time required to launch redacted.

    Does the development team feel like there is still some margin here? Can it be improved more?

    To clarify, before this update, it took 19 seconds to launch prime (for me on an iPhone 8+). Right now, it takes 14,7 seconds. Redacted launches in 7 seconds, so it's still double the amount of time required to (re)launch Prime.

  • Jo0LzJo0Lz ✭✭✭✭✭

    25km? That seems like a lot to me. I think 2km is on the limit, you should not be able to submit portals that far away from your actual location in my opinion.

  • Regarding the Done button - it actually speeds things up. Finish your glyphs, hit done, move on to getting your stuff. You don't have to sit through the one by one glyph descriptions/names.

    Now - the thing that slows stuff down is the one by one graphics that slowly pop up to show what you got after you hack (glyph of fast, doesn't matter). Just give me a dang list and be done in 2 seconds...

  • BR4510BR4510 ✭✭


  • DSktrDSktr ✭✭✭✭

    Seems google login both for account creation and usage has temporally issues,probably this is connected to HPWU release. Tested both on Redmi 3s with LineageOS 13 and Redmi 4x with AEX 4.6. Facebook login works well.Redacted logins well too,but Redacted is diffirent app.Tried to install older release but it asks for update.Fortunately i have facebook attached to my account,but this is an issue for those who haven't attached fb.

  • I have the same problem with my Google account. I have try with 2 phones: samsung a5 2017 and samsung a3 2017. But for me it's impossible to have SCANNER because my account is a new account. Please can you help us?

  • Hola buenos días . No puedo entrar a redacted no me lo deja entrar según dice cuando inició la sesión en redacted no está actualizado el scaner y si está actualizado me abre el prime ....además el prime se tiene problemas con guardar y sacar llaves se tarda mucho...tengo que cerrar y abrir sesión para que pueda guardar y abrir llaves, cosa que en el redacted nunca me pasaba..quisiera que me habiliten el redacted....muchos de mis amigos del juegos de la facción de los iluminados si tienen los dos y juegan con los dos.....Mi Nick es MRWAZON EN INGRESS .YA LES MANDE COTTEO EXPLICANDO Y CON CAPTURAS DE PANTALLAS..PORFAVOR AYUDENME..ES MOLETO JUGAR ASI.. SALUDOS

  • BR4510BR4510 ✭✭

    Idioma português: sinto falta dos AP registrado na COMM .

  • SirKingIkeSirKingIke ✭✭✭

    Have you tried clearing all data via the settings menu? (Reinstalling still keeps data on the phone so you actually need to delete them through settings).

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