Missing Scout Controller credits

Pixel 3xl running 2.60.2-968e2fb4.

Scanned 19 portals, including two volatiles. All of the portals had Scout Controller owned by another Agent, who claimed them more than 30 days ago.

Received 19 notifications that I had claimed Scout Controller, no discrepancy in the listed portals, and they included the two volatiles. All of the portals showed that I was now Scout Controller, including the 2 volatiles.

Scanner showed I received 19 Portal scan credits, 9500 AP gained, but only 4 Scout Controller credits.

Reported a similar issue a couple of weeks ago, when the numbers were 14 / 11. Support said I was scanning portals wrong, seemingly ignoring that I always get the Portal scan credit.

So losing 3 Scout Controller credits is not that significant, but spending 45 minutes, and expecting 23 Scout Controller credits, and only getting 4 is a bitter pill to ****.

No point in even trying for Scout Controller if they are not being awarded correctly.

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Investigating, thanks for the heads up.


  • 1valdis1valdis ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Are you sure you scanned portals which you didn't scan earlier? Because if you did scan them before, 4 points does make sense: +2 for each of two volatiles. And that's it.

  • I had previously scanned these portals, and had Scout Controller, then about 5 weeks ago, another came along, scanned them and claimed Controller. All of the portals showed that they had Controller. After uploading i got notifications for each portal that I was now Controller. Fairly certain that is how it works, you either do more scans than the current Controller, or you do a single scan, more than 30 days after they last scanned.

    I have done this a couple of times, normally everything works as expected, I become the new Controller, get Controller credits, it's just frustrating to get Controller, but no credit.

  • ToxoplasmollyToxoplasmolly ✭✭✭✭✭

    Everything you described is correct for how you become the Scout Controller for a portal. However, the Scout Controller medal counts only unique portals, so claiming Scout Controller multiple times on one portal counts only once for the medal. If it's a Volatile Scout Controller Portal, you can earn an additional two points, but that also sounds like a one-time thing.

  • For clarity this is how the 'extra 2 points' works for VSCP:

    Scenario A: 

    • Gain control while not marked - 1 point.
    • Lose control
    • Gain control while marked - 2 points
    • Total 3 points.

    Scenario B: 

    • Gain control while marked - 3 points.

    You don't get 2 extra points for a portal you already have Control of, until someone takes it away from you AND you recapture it while it's marked.

  • LaingLaing ✭✭
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    All of the above seem reasonable, but correct me if I am wrong, if I get a cumulative notification that indicates I gained Scout Controller on 19 portals, then as a minimum, I should have received 19 Scout Controller credits, irrespective if the portal had no Controller or I took it away from someone else, and presumably if I was already Controller, either more than 30 days ago, or yesterday, I should never get the notification. Why did I only get 4 credits?

    Today I scanned 84 portals, majority had no previous Controller, some were volatiles, some were both volatiles and currently Controller as someone else. I had never scanned any of these portals. I got 84 Scout Controller claimed notifications. Scan credits 84, Controller credits 108. So perhaps there is something strange if I had previously had Controller, even though the current Controller was someone else, and they had claimed Controller more than 30 days ago. I'll avoid those situations for a while.

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  • NaruwasherNaruwasher ✭✭✭✭✭

    Did you have Scout Controller status on those portals before someone took it from you? If you did then you wouldn’t get credit again unless it was a volatile portal and then you would earn two credits towards your Scout Controller. Scout Controller is only for unique portal scans on unique portals. So before the introduction of VSCPs, you would require to scan 12,000 unique portals to unlock the Onyx tier medal.

  • The entire issue here is that I get a notification indicating that I have claimed Scout Controller on X portals. Ignoring volatiles, why did I not get X Scout Controller credits.

    If I was ineligible to claim Scout Controller, as previous agent scanned twice, 10 days ago, and I only scanned once, then I don't expect to get a notification or credit.

    I just tried this again on some portals I scanned back in September, and another agent came along 6 weeks ago. 32 portals scanned, received 31 claim notifications, got 8 Scout Controller credits.

  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

    Imagine you get a notification for a portal capture. Each time you capture a portal, a "Captured portal X" appears in the alerts. If it is your first time capturing that portal, you receive a point towards the unique portals captured badge. If you already captured the portal before however, you still get the notification, but not the point for unique portals captured, as you already captured it before.

    The same is true for Scout Controller. Just because you gain Scout controller, doesn't always mean that it is a unique controller. The stat specifically only counts unique Scout controller, but you get a notification each time you regain the controller status, even if you got it before on the same portal.

  • Okay, I understand now, don't like it, as there seems little point in allowing Controller status to change, and even give the notification in the first place.

  • Thinking further this seems equivalent to Pioneer and Liberator, except that the badge credit is for Pioneer equivalent, but the notification is for Liberator equivalent. Given that we don't have a stat / badge for the Liberator equivalent, then why do we even bother with the Scout Controller claimed / lost notification if it is not directly tied to a stat. Why bother with the volatile portals, if scanning them might mean nothing from a Scout Controller perspective, if someone had previously claimed Scout Controller. Should we only see a volatile notification, if it means, scan this Portal, get extra Scout Controller credits. Where as currently it means scan this volatile, might get no extra credits.

  • KarM3LKarM3L ✭✭✭✭

    You will always get the extra points (if you havnt got 3 points from that portal) from volatile, that is how you got the for points from your original post 2x volatile scans = 4 points

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