2.58.1 - Closest portal icons aren't actually closest and have direction bugs

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On these two screenshots I'm moving on a long enough bridge for portals to be outside visible range. The icons show like the closest ones are 111.3km and 38.8km away (depending on my keys), which is not true as you can see on the next screenshot. Besides, the icons sometimes point in a misleading direction (for example, to the left side while the portal is actually in front).

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  • Typically, they're old loaded portals, or keys I have.

    It's as if the 'navigation' boxes are only relying on the pre-cached portals, instead of actually updating the closest portals based on their current location.

  • 1valdis1valdis ✭✭✭✭✭
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    I took this screenshot today on 2.61.3. The two closest portals icons are actually associated to the two portals in view. "Central Rail Way Station" is to the right, "щит пам'ятник" is to the left. Yet the icons point at some nonsensical direction (not to mention that they're at all present).

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    I know I've had boxes appear for portals within 15m of me, while it's still loading, but first time I've seen boxes while portals are visible.

    I also suspect Prime has an issue with showing the boxes across the top of the screen, so anything you look directly at, will **** from left to right and back.

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    what fl1ck is censored??

    didnt know they were supose to be closest portals?

    seems to be random/recent keys

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    The "proper feature" as implemented in classic Ingress is:

    1. Only appears when there are no portals within visible range.
    2. Displays the 2 closest portals outside visible range.
    3. Each box is positioned to be in the cardinal direction of the given portal.

    As to what is censored... NFI and can't edit to find out. ****, bounce, jump, skip, something like that.

    EDIT: Apparently it's F l i c k.

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    Yip was great and helpful, although revealed my guardian to anyone driving past,,

    Still no one stopped - amazingly

    (Protip stolen from @oscarc1 the quoted txt is un filtered - just incase you forget again lol)

  • This can happen when Portal data hasn't finished loading, and there's cached information from your previous location. The nearby Portal cards aren't meant to display when you have Portals within view, and we'll investigate further.

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