New world record?55 hours' gameplay without sleeping? No! It's Exaggerating Overpowering Spoofing

TheKingEngineTheKingEngine ✭✭✭✭✭

Disclaimer: I like the EOS protocol campaign as it offers 2X AP and some other benefits which I see as substantial, even if no badges or challenge offered. I decided to pick this title in order to draw your attentions.

As this player provides cutting-edge Ingress spoofing technologies and sells items (proof of which, if required by Niantic, can be collected from me) to a lot of ENL players in Shanghai, you Niantic would also suufer great losses in terms of revenue from in-game purchase due to his violations.

Disclaimer II: I know that generally I should go to Niantic Support or Trusted Reporters if I doubt someone is cheating and that's what I do most of time...but this is a special corner case which I've reported for many times since 2019 but have not got a chance of manual review... Anyway the logs are real.

This player is too professional at spoofing so that he could avoid being determined as spoofer by the automatic scan via the standard reporting channel and escape from being reported by TR. However it's too obvious that some of his actions could not be done by any single human beings in daily life and everyone see his logs would know that it's definitely flying. I decided to write down this post for a chance of manual review on this account by someone from Niantic...and meanwhile hopefully making your day...

Here is the most explicit case (among many) that explains itself:

Player frisee was playing and generating in-game logs of ultra high frequency within multiple districts of Shanghai without having a sleep in successive 55 hours. This is not possible to achieve by any single human being...even if frisee has so many high-level badges...

If you do a manual review on enormous logs of this account starting from (GMT+8 China)

2018-12-19 Wed 16:10:07 PM captured 石泉春晓侧门


2018-12-21 Fri 22:15:27 PM captured 熊猫

and you would notice the fact that such behavior could only be done by auto-spoofing bots. Nobody would play Ingress that intensively without sleeping in 3 days.

Here follows the complete logs which make it look like a joke comparing with his medals:

2018-12-19 Wed

[4:10:07 PM] captured 石泉春晓侧门

[4:36:52 PM] captured 拥抱的跳舞

[4:37:23 PM] captured 同怡亭

[4:51:32 PM] captured Lion and His Son

[4:58:09 PM] captured Resonator

[5:09:09 PM] captured 窗口浮雕

[5:09:24 PM] captured Carrefour God Stone

[5:20:43 PM] captured Old Style Roadside Mark

[5:26:57 PM] captured 初恋

[5:36:31 PM] captured 园中园趴趴狮

[5:49:57 PM] captured 上海应用技术学院

[6:07:25 PM] captured 我顶

[6:07:47 PM] captured 线型雕塑

[6:11:02 PM] captured 奇石

[6:13:43 PM] captured Daning City Sales Office

[6:22:47 PM] captured 大浪淘沙

[6:25:57 PM] captured China Post Of Caohejing

[6:26:29 PM] captured 人文漕河泾

[6:40:21 PM] captured 水塔

[6:43:40 PM] captured 水清鱼跃

[7:00:23 PM] captured 万达大茶壶

[7:04:58 PM] captured 不明也不历

[7:27:30 PM] captured Lily Pads at Wanhe Academy's

[7:35:33 PM] captured 雷公

[8:12:39 PM] captured 哈哈

[8:16:21 PM] captured S0HO

[8:16:50 PM] captured Soho中山二期

[8:21:24 PM] captured 龙柱

[8:21:48 PM] captured 闪耀东华

[8:22:10 PM] captured 东华妹纸

[8:22:10 PM] captured 大邮筒

[8:27:09 PM] captured 狮子为神马这么大

[8:31:49 PM] captured 喷水

[8:32:10 PM] captured 壁画

[8:32:10 PM] captured 请勿随地小便

[8:32:11 PM] captured 男人雕塑

[8:34:15 PM] captured 要和谐要有爱

[8:38:34 PM] captured 上大导图

[8:39:31 PM] captured 图章

[8:41:48 PM] captured 泰山三村小区

[8:42:11 PM] captured 华尔兹

[8:42:36 PM] captured Ceiling of North Square

[8:52:36 PM] captured Terminal of Bus 106

[8:53:28 PM] captured Shanghai Bus Station

[8:55:36 PM] captured 张口狮

[8:57:12 PM] captured 笛声

[9:02:11 PM] captured 麒麟

[9:04:51 PM] captured City of Harmony

[9:05:07 PM] captured 多利

[9:05:10 PM] captured Tongji Hospital

[9:20:11 PM] captured 陶行知雕像

[9:39:00 PM] captured 金戈铁马

[9:43:31 PM] captured 黄与绿

[9:49:23 PM] captured 青苹果幼儿园

[10:00:40 PM] captured 上海大学哒石狮子

[10:13:59 PM] captured 尊木源

[11:00:41 PM] captured 漕河泾新美术馆

[11:08:40 PM] captured 彭浦公园大门

[11:12:24 PM] captured 琉枫

[11:25:44 PM] captured XM BOX

[11:38:23 PM] captured 体重指数大转盘

[11:41:11 PM] captured 漕河泾公园

[11:43:42 PM] captured 庙行健康主题公园

[11:48:47 PM] captured 共和公园

[11:55:30 PM] captured 中华五千年文明史浮雕长卷

[11:57:26 PM] captured 王府花园

[11:59:32 PM] captured 健身步道起点

2018-12-20 Thu

[1:07:54 AM] captured 怪石

[1:30:06 AM] captured 球喷泉

[1:33:48 AM] captured 天阙画苑

[1:36:16 AM] captured Magic Cube 倾倒魔方

[1:38:46 AM] captured 同盛公寓 TS 石头

[1:51:44 AM] captured 风车1-绿地广场

[1:56:18 AM] captured 风车2-绿地广场

[2:30:13 AM] captured 湖畔白石

[2:34:22 AM] captured 沪太公园

[2:44:19 AM] captured 佳宁花园

[3:46:51 AM] captured 鹤

[4:15:03 AM] captured 虐杀单身狗

[5:17:00 AM] captured 球状地标

[5:33:41 AM] captured 女知识分子雕像

[5:46:36 AM] captured 厦门证券右石狮

[5:49:56 AM] captured 世凹桃源牧童戏牛雕塑

[5:56:10 AM] captured 梧桐花园

[5:56:12 AM] captured 星月塔

[6:00:20 AM] captured 丝绸博物馆

[6:01:09 AM] captured 心

[6:03:17 AM] captured 聚

[6:19:05 AM] captured 上海轮渡

[6:34:06 AM] captured 摩登假日酒店

[6:36:36 AM] captured Bureau Veritas

[6:36:59 AM] captured 世凹桃源壁画雕塑

[7:08:45 AM] captured 永福庵

[7:25:54 AM] captured 早稻田大学赠樱花苑石

[7:27:03 AM] captured 浦江游览

[7:37:56 AM] captured 上海大学档案馆

[7:38:43 AM] captured 上海大学玉兰园

[7:45:20 AM] captured 上海大学泮池北喷泉

[7:45:20 AM] captured 上海大学八卦喷泉

[7:49:36 AM] captured FIRST CANTEEN

[7:54:31 AM] captured 怪蜀黍一号

[7:54:58 AM] captured 学林苑

[7:55:26 AM] captured 上海大学的大象雕塑

[7:55:26 AM] captured 上海大学图书馆

[7:55:28 AM] captured 上海大学雄鹰展翅

[8:14:35 AM] captured 上海大学泮池喷泉

[8:40:48 AM] captured 白色长廊

[8:46:39 AM] captured Soho中山广场

[9:40:50 AM] captured 给爸爸洗脚

[9:48:28 AM] captured 螭龙石座

[10:06:46 AM] captured 女神喷泉

[10:35:06 AM] captured 莲花纹龙珠

[10:39:40 AM] captured 金沙路一对石狮

[10:43:01 AM] captured 锦龙苑

[11:29:23 AM] captured 海边轮舵

[11:36:50 AM] captured 海边的六角亭

[11:40:36 AM] captured 凤凰雕塑

[11:43:07 AM] captured 和尚套景区

[11:59:47 AM] captured 两只看门狗

[12:02:47 PM] captured 和尚套长廊

[12:04:50 PM] captured 瑞金南苑

[12:05:16 PM] captured 飞天麒麟

[12:05:17 PM] captured 福华花苑

[12:05:17 PM] captured 凉亭

[12:12:45 PM] captured 和尚套 朝阳亭

[12:38:11 PM] captured 六井潭景区

[12:53:34 PM] captured 东海第一龙椅

[12:56:30 PM] captured 大妈舞广场的一家人铁器雕塑

[12:56:30 PM] captured 六井仙潭

[1:12:46 PM] captured 蓝黄绿花

[1:39:56 PM] captured 新闻晨报林石碑

[1:42:07 PM] captured 龙隐洞

[1:45:44 PM] captured 企業園林

[1:47:27 PM] captured 白色六井潭灯塔

[2:02:03 PM] captured 京北石狮

[2:04:31 PM] captured 注焉不满

[2:14:07 PM] captured 上海大学 乐乎新楼前的石狮子

[2:29:32 PM] captured 交通银行石狮子

[2:34:34 PM] captured Yuanping Road

[2:44:36 PM] captured 动漫大场

[2:44:55 PM] captured 长耳兔

[2:52:02 PM] captured 竹笋石头

[3:51:37 PM] captured 同心

[4:59:12 PM] captured 世纪花苑

[5:36:15 PM] captured 石头菠萝左

[6:13:53 PM] captured 张庙科普健身广场

[6:35:10 PM] captured 火苗 Fire

[6:35:30 PM] captured 张庙健身广场长廊

[6:42:17 PM] captured 蜂窝建筑

[6:45:56 PM] captured 民悦苑

[6:46:20 PM] captured 石柱与树

[6:47:56 PM] captured 宜山路桂林路邮筒

[6:48:46 PM] captured 宜山路桂林路雕塑

[6:53:06 PM] captured 喜从天降

[6:53:22 PM] captured Xinhua Bookstore

[6:53:43 PM] captured 吉象如意

[6:58:28 PM] captured 德陵村

[6:59:59 PM] captured 高矮胖瘦

[7:07:05 PM] captured 体操走起

[7:07:22 PM] captured 等公车

[7:07:35 PM] captured 双鱼

[7:08:40 PM] captured 圆狮子

[7:08:47 PM] captured Design Office Home Office

[7:11:27 PM] captured 环球港海马喷嘴

[7:13:22 PM] captured 上海市普陀区长城大厦

[7:15:38 PM] captured 龙瓶

[7:17:09 PM] captured 大象与小象

[7:36:00 PM] captured 归心似箭

[7:45:51 PM] captured 麒麟

[7:45:55 PM] captured 招财龙族

[7:45:58 PM] captured 龙子

[7:46:02 PM] captured 麒麟兽

[7:51:08 PM] captured 大华饭店左狮

[7:51:27 PM] captured 大融城

[7:51:40 PM] captured 沪太路鲍家桥

[7:52:06 PM] captured 异形

[7:54:23 PM] captured 上海7号线行知路站

[8:01:51 PM] captured 神女抓鹅

[8:02:45 PM] captured 动漫大场_海豚

[8:02:53 PM] captured 动漫大场Dog

[8:02:56 PM] captured 动漫大场Robot

[8:02:59 PM] captured 滑板少年

[8:13:09 PM] captured 童趣

[8:27:16 PM] captured 图腾

[8:51:35 PM] captured 三国壁雕之空城计

[8:58:59 PM] captured 漕宝路永乐·新活馆

[9:18:33 PM] captured 图腾柱

[9:28:13 PM] captured 农工商金鸡

[9:33:09 PM] captured Golden Wall Dragon

[10:04:54 PM] captured The Ultimate Linking Simulator

[10:30:45 PM] captured 天圆地方-叶上海一期

[10:31:24 PM] captured 熔岩烈火心

[10:34:03 PM] captured 儿童乐园-叶上海一期

[10:42:48 PM] captured 石花-叶上海一期

[11:46:59 PM] captured 元邑酒家

[11:49:53 PM] captured 绿地正大缤纷城

2018-12-21 Fri

[0:03:18 AM] captured 顾村公园北大门 Gucun Park

[0:24:08 AM] captured 吉米记

[0:50:22 AM] captured Goddesses of Peace Statue

[1:17:48 AM] captured SHNU-涂鸦墙花朵

[1:22:28 AM] captured 嵊泗灵音亭

[1:49:08 AM] captured 东海五渔村之船

[2:22:39 AM] captured 泰山奇石

[2:36:04 AM] captured 金汇镇

[2:36:23 AM] captured 陶家塘

[2:38:12 AM] captured 东吴

[2:48:58 AM] captured 中发母狮

[3:13:04 AM] captured 一家三口

[4:05:08 AM] captured 上海呼叫中心产业基地—海宝示范园

[4:14:49 AM] captured 碉堡

[4:23:16 AM] captured 一家三口

[4:31:04 AM] captured 大黄生活广场

[4:45:40 AM] captured 英雄黄继光

[5:25:45 AM] captured 又一个裸男

[5:34:08 AM] captured 两只大象

[5:44:11 AM] captured Suzhou Revolution Museum苏州革命博物馆

[6:41:41 AM] captured 如家石

[6:46:38 AM] captured 大同凉亭

[6:46:38 AM] captured Corrupted Fountain

[6:55:47 AM] captured 系着铃铛的狮子

[7:10:00 AM] captured 花盆

[7:49:54 AM] captured 健泰喷泉

[7:51:41 AM] captured 小长城

[7:54:58 AM] captured 亭子

[8:33:42 AM] captured 兰田路石狮

[6:18:51 PM] captured 广场喷泉

[6:24:14 PM] captured Lion Sculpture Of CCB

[6:25:11 PM] captured 漕河泾国际孵化中心

[6:32:50 PM] captured 田林路桥

[6:45:04 PM] captured 宜山路桂林路邮筒

[6:52:35 PM] captured 凯托大厦

[6:52:46 PM] captured 兆丰大厦

[6:53:09 PM] captured Zao-Fong Universe Building

[6:57:08 PM] captured 扇形

[6:59:02 PM] captured 中国邮政

[6:59:08 PM] captured Musicial Foutain

[7:01:39 PM] captured Dancing Sculptures

[9:30:38 PM] captured 闸北中医堂

[9:35:20 PM] captured 交通银行右护法

[9:39:12 PM] captured 一块石头

[9:40:58 PM] captured 闸北工商局

[9:44:12 PM] captured 巨型萨克斯

[10:15:27 PM] captured 熊猫


  • SO?

  • Belongs in the game until it is changed so that spoofing does not give such a huge advantage over honest gaming.

  • TheKingEngineTheKingEngine ✭✭✭✭✭

    Plus this account "frisee", judging from it's profile data (which is hidden during most of time but I still managed to get the screenshots by legit means), spent 1.5 hours to 2 hours per day on average in the entire year 2019. Yes, every day, including both working days and weekends, making its weekly hacks reaching 1,750+ and glyph hacks 9,000+ on average. I've been tracking this account for half year and confident that this number is accurate. As an example following screenshot of it was taken on Jul 19 2019.

    Superficially speaking, it merely looks like an extremely hardcore player. But considering the fact that such data has already very likely made it among top 5 players in mainland China and its endless gameplay throughout Shanghai every day beside hacking...I believe it's also applying an auto-glyph hacking tool, which could be checked by Niantic via loading its success rate of Glyph drawing, where it performed hacking.

    And most of the items it acquired by hacking went to other accounts, some real players. By analyzing where those items eventually went, I'm confident that Niantic would also easily see that there are abnormal farming and items deliverying behaviors between this account and some ENL players in Shanghai. I have proof of some ENL players' claiming in public that they are buying and receiving items from this account.

    Still, this post is intended to attract attention from someone that would like to help do a manual and thorough review on the relevant accounts by collecting more documents and proofs from me. I won't try proving its violation directly in this post because some of its actions and behaviors only look like a hardcore player if reported alone, but become impossible for human beings when adding them up. In traditional reporting channel we just can't add them up for the reviewers because some of them are too trivial for a simple ticket.

  • TheKingEngineTheKingEngine ✭✭✭✭✭

    Spoofing becomes another thing if items reselling is involved. I have some proof that makes me think account "frisee" has been the No.1 reseller in mainland China of virtual items in Ingress.

    If any Niantic employee contact me I'm glad to offer the documents I gathered. Once confirmed, at least 50+ ENL accounts violate the ToS by illegally purchasing in-game items from it.

  • 3car3car ✭✭✭

    I hate spoofing, but it really is hard to prove. We have multiple RES rubbish that insults the agents by suspected spoofing, for which I can really vouch for that it wasn't spoofing. On the other hand, real spoofers are still easy to distinguish from humans because, they're there where they play. The given numbers and logs are far below my average, and I myself play the game 2+ hours time by time. FYI, I reached 2500+ hacks/over 10000 glyph points per week earlier this year.

    Where are the logs coming from? Distant urban or in the heart of the city? I see hourly gaps in between the logs provided. Are they enough time needed to move between the portals, or are they brief breaks? If it wasn't really spoofing, is the agent there? Or is he/she cunning enough to avoid eyesight? I, not a local, cannot distinguish the logs as actually flying.

    Sadly, everything that you presented here lacks enough support to prove actual spoofing activity. I do hope that what you did not distribute can give enough confidence to NIA that the agent(?) in question is really a spoofer. If more evidence points to spoofing, I'm sure I'll change my mind.

    Given that, even if we are sure that spoofing activity is happening, bans are so late, or it even doesn't happen. Though I say no to spoofing and multi-accounts, it is happening, and no bans leads to the thought that it seems legit. Timely bans are needed to actually warn potential spoofers and multi accounters that it is not legit. If there are real spoofing activity involved that I didn't catch, actually good luck. Only words I can say for now.

  • TheKingEngineTheKingEngine ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thanks for your insights. As I mentioned in previous replies:

    Still, this post is intended to attract attention from someone that would like to help do a manual and thorough review on the relevant accounts by collecting more documents and proofs from me. I won't try proving its violation directly in this post because some of its actions and behaviors only look like a hardcore player if reported alone, but become impossible for human beings when adding them up. In traditional reporting channel we just can't add them up for the reviewers because some of them are too trivial for a simple ticket.

    Regarding your saying "real spoofers are still easy to distinguish from humans"...I'm confident this player is spoofing by loading very accurate GPX route file which is recorded in advance during his real movement in daily life and modified afterwards, which makes it very difficult for the system to detect.

    I'm saying this because I have recorded (logs, videos, v-logs, photos, street views) multiple cases where this player crossed walls or made unnatural, impossible shift to attack strategic portals during long-range movement, or even stopped directly in the middle of an expressway for a while. Still, it requires a careful audit together with someone from Niantic and me, rather than a glance by general support staff which is not useful.

  • TheKingEngineTheKingEngine ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thanks for your insights. As I mentioned in previous replies:

    Superficially speaking, it merely looks like an extremely hardcore player. But considering the fact that such data has already very likely made it among top 5 players in mainland China and its endless gameplay throughout Shanghai every day beside hacking...I believe it's also applying an auto-glyph hacking tool, which could be checked by Niantic via loading its success rate of Glyph drawing, where it performed hacking.

    You are right, 2 hours' hacking per day is not that extraodinary. However when adding up other in-game logs throughout the entire city of him it would become 12 hours per day on average regardless of weather and other conditions, which could be easily seen from Niantic's side and in my opinion this is very suspicious. By the way as we all know currently there is heat sink applied automatically to portals and thus not proper to directly compare the data we could get today with data I uploaded previously.

  • I began to play ingress frequently since 2019.4. frisee is one of the players who helps me and makes me familiar with the game. Though I know little about his past, I cooperate and exchange supplies with him for several times. It takes him hours to go to the specific location as every ingress player did. I am sure frisee is himself personally who exchange supplies with me, not to mention that I have never give him any payback for that. 

    Frankly speaking, my experiential voice weigh less than your data, which may come from some intel map spiders. However, I must mention that frisee is not a player who is as terrible as you described.

  • TheKingEngineTheKingEngine ✭✭✭✭✭

    On 2020/Aug/6 you went together with account frisee to destroy strategic portal.On 2020/Aug/6 you SCPDrKondraki went together with account frisee to destroy strategic portal,121.427177 and you picked at least two capsules dropped from account frisee, which could be easily double confirmed by Niantic.

    Your account actually is periodically receiving items from account frisee loaded in capsules since 2019.4.

    However, RES agent droopychn there toured the spot for the entire hour while you two were attacking. There are only 1 person onsite which might be you. Anyway, frisee is nowhere to be seen and its action logs are extremely unnatural at that time. It's been many times when multiple players failed to find the corresponding human being on the scene while frisee is doing something somewhere.

    No worries. I won't directly say that you are cooperating with a spoofer here because only Niantic could say that. I'm confident that with a careful audit, Niantic would find many weird things of that account which would result in its being banned. That audit might not happen and even if it happens it still takes a long time and your account will be fine before that happens. Happy Ingress when you can.

  • TheKingEngineTheKingEngine ✭✭✭✭✭

    I fully agree with you. A successive 12-hour is a decent and proper threshold.

    Actually since 2007/Jul/16 all "approved" online games in Mainland China are obliged to deploy the "Online Game Anti-Indulged System For Adolescent" which makes the EXP revenue go down to 50% after 3 hours and 0% after 5 hours.

    I won't judge whether making it universally compulsive to adults is also proper but it indeed does good to minors. It might not suit some other games but regarding the nature of Ingress game, a sleepless gameplay that lasts more than 12 hours is definitely not only unhealthy but also brings threats to the entire society as the player I mentioned claimed (and the log also indicates that he is at least on some sorts of vehicles) that he is moving by driving....

  • TheKingEngineTheKingEngine ✭✭✭✭✭

    As you cooperated with account frisee very often (which could be easily verified by Niantic because for example resonators of both of you appear on quite many same portals), may I double confirm with you, on hearing some rumors:

    1. Your account miclovesisi was temporarily banned from 2020-09-29 until 2020-10-13 for 2 weeks?
    2. Your account miclovesisi was temporarily banned because Niantic thinks you are ab.using multiple accounts, that is, transfering large quantities of items by sharing accounts?
    3. Your account miclovesisi was temporarily banned together with account hvn04I3 (from 2020-10-03 to 2020-10-10) who also frequently receive items from frisee?

    Please do not misunderstand me as I'm not cooking up a story. I'm asking those questions to help you prove that you are an honest player, while your disappearance during the time I mentioned indeed seems strange considering the fact that you were playing extremely heavily (as heavy as frisee) before and afterwards. Due to Niantic's policy they could not expose such information to us but probably you may simply write down YES or NO here if you want.

  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    For ingress I believe that 3h consecutive is already too much. Including the time you spend with the game on background during movement, you can play a whole day without hitting that target. Agents would still be able to do everything else, even if 0% is applied.

  • I did together with frisee on Aug 6 and I do continuing exchange supplies with him. 

    In fact, we exchange supplies near subway station Changshou Road, and than together went to droopychn’s strategy portal. 

    People have blind spot in there eyes, so as we didn’t see droopychn around neither. Should you value the relationship between ENL and RES, guilty inference won’t work.

  • TheKingEngineTheKingEngine ✭✭✭✭✭
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    If such relationship exists it's between honest, genuine players with (potential) spoofers and multi-accounts abu.sers. It's not between ENL and RES, unless ENL players in Shanghai or worldwide are on cheaters' side otherwise you can't say that.

    Save your efforts rather than argue for the sake of arguing to comfort yourself in the presence of possibilities that Niantic would really look into this case and once they confirmed what I suspected, eventually put your account on probation as well.

  • Well, it's obvious that support tickets are not the place to take action against cheaters since the tickets close and cheaters go on, so here we are.

  • Things do seem odd sometimes. The city use to have a lot of very active players not I seems I will be out playing, building and a someone knocks out every Portale in a 3 or 4 square miles 7 to 8 minutes. Some times I think I am just being a spoiled sport but I know how to get around my city and unless there is some way to fly that I don't know about It is suspect. It is crazier when the wave passes over you when there is no signs of people anywhere yet portals around you keep keep dropping. It use to be a way to meet people. Lately a the account doesn't even have a name it is a generic account. Well it is what it is.

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    Regarding the first question, you may notice that there is at least 1 player among the "buyers" I suspect already coming to post replies and acknowleaged that they did receive large quantities of items; not admitted the trade though.

    Regarding the rest of questions, Please kindly refer to "Disclaimer II". It's obviously not the best way but is the ONLY way, if you have dealt with the support channel and have involved in reporting spoofers. Not surprisingly it's not only me that is doing so if you have a quick glance at the forum:

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    Interesting idea, if the servers worked 99.8% of the time. The way Ingress goes, all it takes is getting bumped off or knowing you are about to go somewhere with no cell service or no portals for an extended period time, turn off the scanner and that "resets" the clock.

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    ...However considering the fact that anti-multiaccounting policy is not strictly enforced...multi-accounters simply switch to another sub-account and clock reset :(

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    I reread this thread, and still stick to my comments. If this is the reason about your frustration, you lack a lot of evidence. And @Azhreia , mind if you have a look at this? My thoughts is that no more suspected spoofing/multi account activity has been found since this thread, and this ought to be discussed here, not my misleading thread. If not, it should be shared.

  • Not sure what you're asking of me? I can't look into accounts and their activity. No more than any other players looking at comms.

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    I just wanted to bring up that this might be the one @LuoboTiX is trying so hard to get through NIA OPS on the Lambert thread, and wanted you to have a look, nothing more. And I just realized my mistake now, I should've mentioned someone else to have a look. Sorry for bothering you.

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    Not intended to develop this topic here for the time being. This thread, that is, the report of spoofing behavior of this player I mentioned, counts no more than 1% of all spoofing cases I together with some agents filed but got no solutions. Still, I created this thread because sometime later it would serve as a part of a new series of threads that expose an unprecedented group cheating among ENL players in Shanghai which will be with sufficient evidence and documents and published in the future.

    I'll let you know at that time. As a forecast, it even includes a case where some ENL players in Shanghai proactively forged a report of their covering-entire-Shanghai OP by referring to photos taken by other non-players many years ago and public on the Internet as their "private photos taken on the scene to prove they were there" while they were actually spoofing. People will notice later that players in this post who speak for this player I mentioned, were directly involved in or organized the forgery. I'll also warn Niantic of this series, if not biggest on the world still biggest in Asia area, of group cheating then, along with documents and proof that will be sent to Niantic in private first and made public later.

    And they are about professional spoofers whose cheating (relying on accurate .GPX files) could not be determined from action logs only. I have strong proof retained in hand to ensure that I blow all of them up once someday. Apart from that, what I'm talking in other posts these two days are about some super obvious spoofing cases' not reviewed carefully by customer support but totally accepted by old TR which are completely different scenarios.

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    To be honest, the spoofer next door is much more urgent to me than the activities overseas XD but please do mention me when the reports are ready. ATM I don't see much evidence.

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