A Peek into Alternate Pasts

Truthseekers: I very recently intercepted something interesting. I suspect this will help us connect a few important dots. To spice up the sharing process, I've left the intel somewhere and sort of encrypted it in few layers. Hopefully it's secure. To those who would like a (tedious) challenge, feel free to dive in.

An Agent group called BTSC has managed to contact me to talk about the Tessellation. I guess I can share some matters on that, being the middle person between the NIA and Tethered Hand. Someone will drop the first step to the encrypted intel after my meeting with BTSC. Potentially @ Nov 21st 12:00 UTC. Your tasks will unfold from there. At some point, you'll find yourself missing an important item. Stay tuned here, it might be released over the weekend. Or you can get creative as usual and brute force the encryption, which I am not for or against.

After it's been confirmed that the intel has been acquired by a few Agents, I will share it here as well.

Good luck and have some frustrated fun.



I have handed over the first step. Unfortunately can't gauge the accurate timing of the drop. Someone will leave it here around Nov 21st 12:30 - 14:00 UTC. If anything, leave a message.


I see some of you have passed Quest #1: the Hat, and pending the 3rd item to help you leave Quest #2: the Maze. The bits that you need will reveal themselves if you revisit the Maze again at 22:00 UTC Nov 22nd.


nudge time for Quest #3: the Alley

(1) You have the cyphered string, you have the key.

ether become neo >>> threebecomeone

rotate dont idea >>> ?

*pay attention to the 2 symbols

(2) dual - the last 2 items missing from your formula to success.

(3) (2) may help you solve the anagram of (1), or even skip to the last step. IF you know what to look for.

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