Frogenttiryhmä L1 to L16 in 8.5 hours with only two agents. Total time 25h

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It was just a crazy idea.

Planning whole thing 6-8th November (includes scrapping most of the plan 8th. Incepted idea was still there)

9th November 9pm started collecting keys and building base fields in rural area of Finland.

10th November 11am finished key farming and base field building.

10th November 1.14pm recursion

10th November 9.46pm back to L16

During the linking we ran out of SBUL. We did have 147 of those when started. I think if this is well planned and with APEX(x4 during the event) - it will be possible to do less than 6h

We had total 40 outgoing links most of the time. Later in the day after collecting approx 30MAP we lost 9 portals to RES, but still quite good result. Not maybe the record, but still good and fun time for 2 agents

Links: 3 832

Fields: 7 168

AP: 40 184 194

MU: 6 632 324

Keys farmed: 3800+

Team: Frogiina & LosAgentti

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