Operation Tadpole to Toad - from level 1 to 16 in 12 hours and 5 minutes

Operation Tadpole to Toad - from level 1 to 16 in 12 hours and 5 minutes

11/11/2020 - Start time: 9:14 AM, End time: 9:19 PM - Agent Jepakazol


·        Use APEX during the annual double AP event to get x4 AP.

·        Restore a 31-layers field from 40 different bases - over and over and over again.

·        Use the battle beacon as a flip card to build the field from each portal 3 times every hour.

·        Design the layers such that after each layer the portal that appears next in the scanner is the next portal to link.

·        Equipment: 4,100 keys, 140 SOBUL, 120 ADA, 80 Jarvis, 30 battle beacons, 3 portable chargers and 3 friends to carry all the equipment.

·        Obtaining the keys required an additional 32 VRHS, 32 VRMH and 64 frackers.

·        Total: 40,006,578 AP, 3,695 links, 6,992 fields and 34,465,574 MU.

And a bit on a personal note -

It was fun, challenging and amazing that it worked - even though I sat on the math for days, I did not believe to the end that the calculations on paper could turn into a real operation. The first 6 hours of the operation were easy, the next 3 hours were already difficult and the last 3 hours were "must go on… must go on…".

Lots of friends (and enemies) helped and cheered - thank you all!


·        orenmishak11 - Helping with the mathematics to check if the operation is possible, building the layers plan.

·        MrMavni - Naming the operation, participating in the preliminary operation to create barriers, eye in the sky.

·        Liron486 - Storing keys until the operation, helping on the day of the operation.

·        AlexCSLion - Helping with key farming, viruses and SOBUL, participating in the preliminary operation.

·        AdiBrill – Taking photos, storing keys, helping on the day of the operation.

·        Thanks to all the smurfs who did not demolish the fields in the middle of the operation.

More details on the operation available in this PDF file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/akhcyhrfnxail4h/TadpoleToToad-eng-siterep-v2.pdf?dl=0

A video of the operation will be ready in the next days.


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